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Volume 6533

Tarzan's Peril ~ 35.06.30 ~ #225
Driven to the brink of the cliff, Tarzan waged a losing battle against the two Vikings, while the faithful Bohgdu clambered up the rope to his master's aid. Heedlessly the ape rushed bare-handed into the battle against the steel-armed warriors.

But Tarzan called out to him: "Go back! They kill! Bring Thorik!"

Hastily the powerful ape lowered the rope and hauled the valiant Thorik to the field of battle.

"Death to Thorik! No quarter!" the warriors shouted when they saw him.

"I want no quarter from traitors!" Thorik answered as he plunged furiously into the fray. The clang of steel and hoarse battle cries reached Sybil, huddled against the cliff; and she was filled with dismay. But Thorik's strong arm turned the tide of battle and soon his foes lay dead at the feet of their conquerors. "These men," said Thorik, "were henchmen of Erik the Red. Apparently they were stationed here to block my escape. He continued grimly: "My enemies are many -- and powerful. I should not blame you if you left me to my fate!"

The ape-man smiled. "Tarzan never abandons his friends. Your fate shall be mine. Lead on, warrior!"


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