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Volume 6532

Battle of the Broadswords ~ 35.06.23 ~ #224
As the Viking slowly balanced himself on his narrow perch, preparing to cut the rope, Tarzan acted with lightning swiftness. The ape-man twined a leg in the rope and swung backward head down. As he swung, Tarzan speedily stripped his bow from his shoulder and set an arrow to the string. The surprised Viking stepped back -- but too late. The shaft found its mark! The stranger flung up his arms, cried out and toppled into the chasm. 

But danger was not past, for now Tarzan heard cries from above. He scrambled up the rope to the summit of the cliff. There two comrades of the fallen Viking charged down upon him. Again an arrow whirred, but it splintered against the shield of the first warrior, while the second bore down on Tarzan at close quarters. The ape-man dodged, leaned over , and swept up the sword of the Viking he had slain. Quickly he brought the broadsword into play. But it was to him an unfamiliar weapon, nor was he protected by shield. And slowly the two fierce vikings forced him back to the very brink of the fatal chasm.

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