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Volume 6531

The Viking Foe ~ 35.06.16 ~ #223
Tarzan agreed heartily when Sybil suggested that they aid Thorik in regaining his lost throne. He liked this noble warrior and he was eager to it his strength and wits against Thorik's enemies. At once the jungle lord fashioned weapons for defense or attack, as fortune should dictate.

"But how shall we escape this abysmal prison?" Sybil asked.

For an answer, Tarzan smiled and set to work lacing vines and bark into long stout ropes. Then he and Bohgdu picked their way cautiously up the jagged face of the cliff, while Sybil and Thorik watched anxiously. When they reached a ledge, they lowered a rope and hoisted Sybil and Thorik up to them. Now ape and ape-man ascended to another ledge, where an unscalable cliff loomed above them! But Tarzan flung a rope end around a fallen tree that overhung the precipice, and drew himself upward. Suddenly Thorik voiced a startled cry of warning, for a viking foe appeared abruptly at the edge of the cliff.

"Death to you all!" the stranger shouted as he stepped out cautiously on the horizontal log and slowly raised his sword to slash the rope that was Tarzan's only link to life!

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