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Volume 6530

Crash of Exile ~ 35.06.09 ~ #222
With the warrior Tarzan explored the tiny tract and found it a chasm encircled by precipitous mountains. When they returned to the beach, Sybil surveyed the stranger with admiring surprise.

"A Viking out of a story book! Am I dreaming!"

Tarzan smiled. "I judge we are now on the mainland of Africa, a land that hides many mysteries."

While the jungle lord built shelters, Bohgdu was set to scan the sea. But days went by and no ship passed this isolated spot. Tarzan noted how Sybil gazed at the handsome warrior with adoring eyes and soon the three castaways learned to converse. Thori the Viking told them how his father Thoral had been king in the distant mountains. But Ivar the Red slew him and seized the throne. Then, "Var's henchmen brought me here and lowered me into this fatal chasm of exile. Knowing that he was a prince, Sybil looked upon the Viking with new interest. But he gave her no encouragement. Soon the meager fruits and edible herbs of the chasm would be exhausted. To remain would be to perish. Tarzan advised that they all take to the raft and explore the coast for some port whence Sybil might sail homeward.

Thorik answered: "I shall remain, for I have vowed to avenge my father's death and hazard my life in reclaiming the throne from his slayer!"

Then Sybil turned to Tarzan and said: "Let us throw in our fortune with his!"

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