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Volume 6529

Blood Warrior ~ 1935.06.02 ~ #221

When the fierce fighting man rushed upon them, Tarzan and Bohgdu leaped instinctively to the trees. Tarzan commanded the ape to run to Sybil's aid in case the warrior should be the vanguard of a hostile horde. Then the ape-man leaped full upon his mysterious foe, who cried out in some strange language. Immediately they were locked in titanic combat, for Tarzan had never met a stronger, bolder opponent. They fell to the ground and rose again; their muscles writhed and tightened; they swayed and struggled in savage conflict. 

But at last the jungle lord, strongest and nimblest of men, wrested the sword from the hands of his antagonist. The stranger, however, did not flee. Instead, he drew himself erect, waiting to be slain by his conqueror. Tarzan admired this brave fighter who preferred death to flight; and he flung down the sword in token of peace. Then the warrior did a strange thing. With his small dagger he pricked his palm until it bled. He signaled Tarzan to do likewise. Then they clasped hands and their blood mingled warmly. Thus did Tarzan of the apes become a "blood-brother" of the mysterious warrior, each recognizing the noble qualities of the other. Then the warrior pointed westward, indicating that there roamed enemies who could test their combined strength!

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