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Volume 6528

THE STRANGE WARRIOR ~ 35.05.26 ~ #220
From his conquest of the shark, Tarzan sped toward the raft, fearing for Sybil's fate at the hands of the maddened ape. But as he approached he was surprised to see Sybil safe; and the ape was peering at him anxiously across the water. Suddenly Bohgdu cried out. Tarzan turned. Three more sharks were encircling him! Now surely was he doomed. While the ape-man prepared for the hopeless battle, Bohgdu unlaced a vine from the raft and flung it to him. As the sea beasts pressed upon him, Tarzan caught the vine, and Bohgdu jerked him violently from the jaws of death. Bohgdu hauled him safely aboard. Then rubbed against him and grunted in an awkward, apish show of affection. Sybil, too, welcomed him joyously.

Then Tarzan said to her: "Bohgdu seems quite normal again."

She replied: "When he saw the first shark about to devour you, his madness vanished. Your peril shocked him back to his senses."

Tarzan smiled and ordered the remaining food to be divided between the girl and the ape. For himself he asked nothing.

After the long day, night came, and the three voyagers drifted on toward an unknown fate. At dawn, the waves cast them up on a lonely beach, and Tarzan and Bohgdu set out at once to explore for food. But as they entered a woodland, the strangest warrior they had ever seen rushed upon them, brandishing a gigantic broadsword!

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