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Volume 6527

The giant shark rushed down upon the hapless ape-man, its deadly jaws agape. With jungle-born agility, Tarzan whirled form the path of the voracious monster and as it shot past, his left hand closed momentarily on a slippery fin. At the same time he drew his knife and plunged it into the old flesh of the sea-beast. But the shark lunged and shook him off; and a violent flip of its tail tossed Tarzan high into the air. As he fell back, the monster whirled again to the attack, and the ape-man landed on its head.

Then, as Tarzan drove his knife repeatedly into the tough hide, the shark plunged beneath the surface, carrying the ape-man with him. Tarzan knew that his submarine journey could not last long. Soon, he or the shark must die! But presently his jabbing blade found a vital spot; and the monster's life and strength faded swiftly. Then the conquering Tarzan sprang upward toward the surface. He drew the welcome air deep into his lungs and set out for the raft, which now was far away. He swam swiftly, fearing that he was already too late to save Sybil from he maddened Bohgdu!

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