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Volume 6526

THE MONSTER ~ 35.05.12 ~ #218
Sybil cried out in terror as the powerful ape, driven mad by fear and hunger, clutched her throat. But Tarzan swooped down and locked a steel-thewed arm around the thick neck of the beast.

"Let go!" he commanded. As Bohgdu slowly released his grip Tarzan, too, eased his hold. Then with a sudden wrench, Bohgdu broke away and whirled to the opposite side of the raft. There he stood beating his chest and snarling fiercely. Tarzan addressed him:

"Would you harm me, your master?" Bohgdu glared blankly. His madness had emptied his mind of everything except his overpowering sense of hunger.

"Kill him!" pleaded the terrified girl; "or he will kill us."

Tarzan shook his head sadly. "No! The madness of hunger drives men to horrible deeds. Must we expect more of this poor beast? Perhaps we can calm him."  As the ape crouched ominously, Tarzan continued: "Divide the food into two shares. You keep one; the other I shall give to Bohgdu."

At that moment the raft lurched. Sybil and Bohgdu looked out past Tarzan and cried a warning -- but too late. A great wave, stirred by a freak of the wind, washed suddenly over the raft and swept the ape-man into the sea.  And when Tarzan began to swim back to safety, a monstrous shark rose up from the depths and plunged swiftly to the attack!

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