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Volume 6525

BOHGDU'S MADNESS ~ 35.05.05 ~ #217
The storm rolled swiftly over the horizon and whipped down furiously upon the frail raft of the three fugitives. Thunder crashed, lightning split the leaden skies, and mighty winds set the sea a-boiling. The puny raft was tossed dizzily from crest to trough of towering waves while Tarzan, Sybil and Bohgdu hung on desperately with aching hands.

Once Sybil lost her hold. Almost was she swept into the foaming sea. But Tarzan reached out and saved her. The ape roared in a frenzy of terror. Though he was brave in battle, fear of the storm was in the blood of his race. Through the long day and the fearsome night they were ever near to death. Then the storm began to abate.

Bohgdu, now maddened by hunger as well as terror, started to gnaw the vines that held the raft together. His master cuffed him sharply, and the reasonless ape snarled.

"Poor fellow," said Tarzan. "Anyway we shall all starve together."

Sybil smiled weakly and drew some fruit from her pockets. "I gathered it while you were building the raft," she said proudly. Half of it she divided equally and restored the rest to her pockets. Bohgdu gulped his share and cried for more. Sybil made a negative gesture. Bohgdu understood, and now his eyes blazed with murderous fury. He waited his chance. Then as Tarzan turned to tighten a vine, the mad beast sprang at Sybil and clutched her throat in his powerful paws!

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