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Volume 6524

THE GATHERING STORM ~ 35.04.28 ~ #216
The screaming warrior hurled his spear. Bohgdu dodged; and the lance buried itself in the trunk of the tree. Tarzan threw his mighty strength against the rope, which had been weakened by the ape's gnawing. It broke! He and Sybil were free!

But now the savages were surrounding them. "Take the she!" Tarzan cried to Bohgdu. The ape-man wrenched the spear from the tree and fought off the tightening circle of savages, while Bohgdu seized Sybil and leaped into a tree. Then Tarzan sprang after them, amidst a flight of wildly aimed arrows. The jungle lord took the girl from Bohgdu and they traveled all night to the farthest tip of the island. 

There, in greatest haste, Tarzan and the ape gathered fallen logs and bound them together with giant vines. Just as they were ready to launch their crude raft, the cries of the pursuing Waioris pierced the forest. The fugitives paddled from shore in a hail of arrows. Tarzan tried to shield Sybil, but she disdained his protection.

"You see, we are all safe," she smiled when they were out of range of the deadly missiles. Tarzan shook his head and pointed ahead. Dark storm clouds were gathering over the perilous tropical sea.

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