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Volume 6523

Tiny tongues of flame raced and crackled through the faggots at the foot of the sacrificial tree. Tarzan strained at the ropes, but even his mighty strength could not sunder the fatal bonds.

Sybil Stoneley gazed calmly, even defiantly, at the mounting flames. "This is the end!" she said. Tarzan nodded.

Garu and Zuto, the witch-doctors, gazed with delight upon their murderous handiwork. Now they would rule the tribe. With bloodcurdling cries, the savages danced in frantic ecstasy to the weird, hollow rhythm of the tom toms.

Now Bohgdu the ape, aroused by the shouts, opened his sleepy eyes and beheld the forest aglow. Sensing something amiss, he hurried toward the shouts, crying out constantly to Tarzan, his master. Tarzan heard, and called out quick instructions in the language of the apes. Bohgdu swung swiftly into the tree to which Tarzan and the girl were bound. With the flames as a screen he descended and began to gnaw the rope wth his knife-edged teeth.

"Hurry!" Tarzan urged, for now the fire was almost upon him and the brave Sybil. But at that moment a dancing warrior discovered Bohgdu. He cried the alarm  and raised his spear for the thrust!

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