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Volume 6522

TWARTED RESCUE ~ 35.04.14 ~ #214
To Tarzan's great surprise, the bullet fired by Sybil clipped the rope that bound him.

"Run!" cried Sybil. But instead, the fearless jungle lord rushed swiftly to her aid.

"Take them alive!" shouted Garu, the witch-doctor, who wished to see them die by slow torture.

Sybil stood her ground bravely and fired rapidly into the circling throng. Four savages fell. The mighty ape-man accounted for five more with a spear he had taken from a warrior. Tarzan knew they must soon be overcome. He cried the ape-call of distress, hoping that Boghdu would hear. But the powerful ape slept peacefully in the deep forest, unaware of his master's peril. Now Tarzan grasped the girl and leaped toward a branch of the tree. But an alert warrior seized his ankle. Tarzan and the girl toppled back into the midst of the foe; and presently they were overwhelmed and bound to the tree.

"I am grateful for your attempt to save me," the jungle lord said to Sybil.

"I did not do it for you," she replied, but to soothe my pride. I wanted to prove myself equal to the emergency."

"Soon it will not matter," Tarzan smiled, and even as he spoke Garu kindled the fire that was meant to consume them!

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