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Volume 6521

THE FALLEN GODDESS ~ 35.04.07 ~ #213
As the dance of death swung into wilder, swifter rhythms, the witch-doctors heaped faggots around Tarzan for the sacrificial fire. Sybil Stoneley was wracked by remorse, for her own proud heart had brought Tarzan to this plight. The sly Garu approached her and indicated that she, as daughter of the sun, must kindle the faggots with her magic glass. Sybil was bewildered. She could not light a fire with her magnifying glass, for now there was no sun. Defiantly she made signs that she would not perform Garu's bidding. A murmur of disapproval rose from the savage throng.

Then Garu cried out! "She has failed us. She is no goddess." And the murmur grew to a hostile clamor.
Tarzan called a warning to Sybil. "Run! They are turning against you!"

Now the Waioris moved forward to seize her. "Deceiver!" they shouted. "She shall share Tarzan's fate!"

Swiftly the girl whipped out her revolver, but the frenzied savages pressed on. Sybil turned toward Tarzan. A wild, eager light blazed in her eyes. Had she gone stark mad? She leveled the revolver at the helpless ape-man so, he thought, she would kill him to regain the favor of the Waioris!

Then Sybil Stoneley fired!

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