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Volume 6518

DAUGHTER OF THE SUN ~ 35.03.17 ~ #210
While Sybil Stoneley kindled a fire with the magnifying glass, the witch-doctors conspired to destroy Tarzan through her. They hastened to the treasure vaults and returned with a tray of sapphires with which to lure the girl into their power. At first she aimed her revolver at them, but their worshipful attitude convinced her of their peaceful intent. Flattered by their homage and enchanted by their gifts of rich jewels, she followed them to the village. Boghdu, whom Tarzan had ordered to guard her, was not alarmed, for he recognized no harm except physical violence. The witch-doctors went among the people saying the sun-haired one was truly divine and Tarzan was a false god. But the Waioris denied her for they had come to love and revere the powerful white giant.

"Who shall give proof!" Sybil's evil disciples declared. "Let us go to the hall of the gods. In a shaft of sunlight Sybil ignited a small heap of tinder with her magnifying glass. When the Waioris beheld this magic they cried:

"She is in truth the daughter of the sun . . . greatest of gods!"

"And Tarzan is her enemy!" the witch-doctors shouted.

Meanwhile, Tarzan sauntered toward the great hall unaware that the savages were being stirred to a fanatic frenzy against him!

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