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Volume 6516

JUNGLE MAIDEN ~ 35.03.03 ~ #208
When the Waioris failed to hear his command to halt, Tarzan knew he must reach the girl before they overtook her. After a swift journey through the trees, he saw her encircled by the howling savage horde. Resolved to die fighting, the girl fired. Two warriors fell, but the others raised their spears to kill her. Then the ape-man swooped down, lifted her from the jaws of death, and ordered the bewildered tribesmen to disperse.

"Will you accept my protection now?" he asked.

"No!" she replied; for still she mistrusted this strange creature who seemed akin to beast and savage. "I can take care of myself," she insisted proudly. Tarzan shrugged and turned away.

Thus Sybil Stoneley took up her abode in the jungle; but, unknown to her, Tarzan hovered nearby to watch over her. With cool indifference he witnessed her struggles and hardships -- well-merited punishment for her foolhardy conceit. Toward nightfall, the ape-man caught the scent of a hunting lion and swung downward to her rescue.

"A lion!" he shouted, "I will take you into the trees."

"No!" she answered, for she believed this was a ruse to seize her.

As Tarzan struggled with the obstinate girl, the beast stalked into the clearing! Confidently Sybil raised her small revolver and fired. But the tiny bullet only spurred the lion to a lightning charge! And Tarzan was not wholly prepared!

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