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Volume 6515

THE SAVAGE TIDE ~ 35.02.24 ~ #207
When Bohgdu charged, believing his master was menaced, the girl fired, but the tremor of her hand thwarted her aim. Instantly Tarzan leaped forward and wrenched the revolver from her.

"You might hurt someone," he laughed. When he spoke in English, her fears deepened. He must be a renegade white, perhaps a fugitive criminal, who had sunk to savagery.

"I shall protect you," said Tarzan. "I do not require your aid," she replied haughtily.

"Return my revolver, and I can protect myself."

The ape-man ignored her scorn, for he perceived that she was a spoiled child of civilization. With a shrug he handed her the revolver. "There are primitive dangers here," he warned, "from which this civilized toy cannot protect you!"

Meanwhile, from the shadowy forest, Tarzan's savage subjects cast mystified eyes on this strange drama of the gods. Now the girl backed away, calling from between clenched teeth: "If you or that beast come near me, I'll kill you!"

Finally the Waioris were convinced that the gold haired one was an enemy of him who had proved himself their god. Determined to destroy her, they streamed from the jungle, with the death cry on their lips. The girl saw them and knew her revolver was useless against so great a horde. She turned and fled. Tarzan cried out to halt the mad tribesmen, but his voice was lost in the din of pursuit.

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