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Volume 6514

AN UNEXPECTED FOE ~ 35.02.17 ~ #206
When Tarzan saw the flames encircling the girl pilot, he voiced the ape-cry of distress and the faithful Bohgdu hurried to him. Shouting a command to the ape, Tarzan grasped a spear that a fleeing warrior had abandoned. With incredible speed, ape and ape-man scurried up the tree that towered above the imperiled girl. Bohgdu fastened his legs around a bough and hung downward, gripping the spear tightly in his paws, while Tarzan climbed down and clung by one hand from the end of the shaft. As Bohgdu set the spear to swinging, Tarzan reached down and hauled the unconscious girl from t he blazing furnace. And the mighty ape drew them up to safety.

On earth again, as Tarzan bore her toward a cool grove to revive her, the girl slowly opened her eyes. Alarmed to find herself in the arms of a man who appeared to be a giant savage, she leaped free. Still dazed by her injury, and believing herself in great peril, she drew her revolver and cried, "Stand back!"

The mystified Bohgdu, convinced that his master was menaced by this strange white she, sprang at her with a wild roar.

"I'll kill you both!" the girl screamed -- and her trembling forefinger pressed the trigger!"

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