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Volume 6513

"Show us a miracle! Prove you are a god or we shall destroy you!" the fanatic savages shrieked.

Tarzan knew his doom was near as he prepared to fight against hopeless odds, a familiar hum reached his ears. "I shall show a miracle! he shouted. "I shall summon another god in the form of a mighty bird to witness your evil ways!"

"Behold!" he cried, pointing skyward; and the savages fell to their knees, for the miracle had come to pass.

Meanwhile, Sybil Stoneley, unaware of her part in the stirring drama below, nosed her plane downward. With a cry of delight she sighted the tiny clearing, for she had been blown from her course and her fuel was almost exhausted. As she banked the speedy machine into a tight spiral. Tarzan waved his arms to  make the Waioris believe he was directing the wheeling bird to earth. The tribesmen gazed in awe. Then fright seized them and they fled into the deep forest. Soon the bird machine settled to earth but as it landed on the rough terrain it swerved a pile of dry brush and crashed on its nose! The girl's head struck the windshield she lost consciousness. The wings containing the tanks were ripped away, and gasoline showered over the brush. As Tarzan ran forward, the fuel took fire, and quickly the wreckage was encircled by an impenetrable wall of flame!

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