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Volume 6512

The DEATH PLOT ~ 35.02.03 ~ #204
In the days that followed his ascent to Dester Molu's throne, Tarzan restored the wounded Bohgdu to health. The Waioris sang the praises of their new god-king, for they believed he had wrought a miracle. And they set before him massive trays filled with rich sapphires.

"Whence came these?" Tarzan demanded.

For answer he was escorted to the sapphire pits where Dester Molu had enslaved many men to gratify his greed for precious jewels. Tarzan commanded that the slaves be freed. And all that day the tribesmen feasted and acclaimed his mercy. But there were two who frowned . . . the witch-doctors who sought Tarzan's downfall. And now they hit upon a plan. At the height of the feast they poured a secret poison into the food of Zotar, beloved chieftain of the warriors. And as Zotar writhed in agony, the crafty witch-doctors shouted to Tarzan:

"Thou can'st cure him, for thou art a god!"

The jungle lord employed his highest skill to heal the stricken warrior but at last the secret poison claimed its victim. Then the witch-doctors shouted: "He is a false god. He could not cure Zotar. Slay him, or evil shall befall us!" A hundred fanatic warriors raised their spears.

"Halt!" the ape-man cried in desperation. "I shall give proof by a miracle." Tarzan sought thus to gain time, but he knew it was a vain respite, for no feat he could perform would satisfy the frenzied horde!

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