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Volume 6511

CONSPIRACY ~ 35.01.27 ~ #203

Rapidly the warrior horde encircled Tarzan and Boghdu, to avenge the death of Dester Molu, their God-King. The Ape-man seized a spear from a nearby fighting man, but he knew he could not withstand the savage onslaught. Nor could Boghdu aid him, for the giant ape staggered and fell, exhausted by his fatal attack on Dester Molu. Tarzan's anxious eyes followed him to the ground, where his glance fell upon Dester's revolver. He swooped down and clutched the glittering weapon, Tarzan detested firearms, but now he had no choice. When he raised the revolver, the savages halted suddenly and fell to their knees in fear and worship.

Then Tarzan knew that the magic "fire-thing" marked him for these people as a god, and his safety lay in nourishing that belief. With a commanding gesture, the jungle lord signaled four warriors to place the wounded Bohgdu on the litter. He stalked then from the hut, toward the great house where Dester Molu had lived and ruled so cruelly. 

There he mounted Dester Molu's throne and thus Tarzan of the Apes became by chance the god king of the Waioris. The people assembled and paid him homage, but it was the homage of fear. And in the shadows, two medicine men far wiser than the rest, already were conspiring to destroy him!


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