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Volume 6510

DESTER MOLU'S FATE  ~ 35.01.20 ~ #202
Amid the wild boom of drums and the joyous shouts of the savages, Tarzan, tightly bound, was led to a hut in the village. And there the wounded Bohgdu was borne on a litter of boughs. Dester Molu gazed upon the dying beast and spoke to Tarzan.

"Heal the ape if you can. I need strong slaves for the sapphire pits. There both of you shall labor - and die!"

Tarzan ignored the threat of doom. His only concern was to soften the suffering of his faithful follower. Closely guarded, he went into the forest and gathered rare herbs, and brewed a potent medicine according to the secret lore of ancient Africa. Through long hours, the Waiori witch doctors looked with jealous awe upon the magic effect of the jungle lord's stimulating remedy. Strength returned gradually to the wounded ape. At last the mist passed from his eyes, and he beheld his master -- in chains.

Then his vision fell upon Dester Molu, who was his master's foe. Sudden rage seized the fierce and dauntless Bohgdu. He sprang violently from his pallet. His great hairy paws clutched the throat of his enemy. The man's spine snapped like a dry twig! Bohgdu released his grip and his victim fell to the ground. Dester Molu had met his just fate! The warriors gasped, then started forward now, thought Tarzan, they would claim vengeance for the death of the man who was their god!


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