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Volume 6507

FUTILE RESCUE ~ 1934.12.30
As Bohgdu hung growling and helpless in the net of Dester Molu's trap a warrior drew his bow to kill him, believing the ape was a monstrous demon under the sway of Tarzan's evil magic. But Dester struck down the savage's arm, saying: "Fool, let him remain as bait to capture his master."

In truth, Tarzan already was speeding to Bohgdu, who had been his simple, faithful ally. Soon he came upon the ape. Then he caught the scent of men and he knew that warriors lurked in ambush. Silently he descended the rope by which the net was hung. With a strong thrust of his body, he set it swinging. Dester Molu and his savage soldiery rushed out in time to see the ape-man slash the rope with his knife. Bohgdu, enveloped in the net, was flung into the branches of a nearby clump of trees, as Tarzan had planed. Then by the short end of the rope, the jungle lord swung after him.

As Tarzan began swiftly to slash the net that imprisoned the ape Dester commanded his warriors to circle the tree, ready to release a hail of deadly missiles. His enemy could not escape now.

"Surrender, or we fire!" cried Dester Molu.

But the ape-man answered: "Tarzan never surrenders!"


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