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Volume 6506

DESTER'S TRAP ~ 1934.12.23
When Tarzan stood defenseless in the face of Dester Molu's gunfire Bohgdu saw and vaguely understood. In excited fury he ripped off a bough and hurled it at his master's enemy. It fell far short, but it landed in front of Tarzan and served him as a concealing screen. When six shots had been fired, Tarzan knew Dester must reload, so he ran toward Bohgdu's tree calling to the ape. Bohgdu grasped the lowest branch and extended an arm. Tarzan leaped, and together they swung away through the trees.

All that day, while ape and ape-man remained hidden in the forest, Dester Molu was mysteriously busy. Toward dusk the fugitives started separately for the village. Tarzan instructed Bohgdu to capture a bow and arrows. Soon Bohgdu saw a stack of bows and arrows. No suspicion entered his simple mind. Swiftly he dropped earthward.  But his impact set off the trigger of Dester's trap! A bended tree was released. It whipped upright! A great net, which had been spread on the ground and attached to the tree, suddenly enveloped the ape and jerked him into the air. Bohgdu's astonished cries rang through the forest. His master heard and hurried to his aid, while Dester Molu stationed his warriors in ambush, for he knew that Tarzan would come.


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