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Volume 6505

THE DUEL ~ 1934.12.16
When Dester Molu, white god of the Waioris, accepted Tarzan's challenge to a death-duel, the Ape-man swung earthward through the trees. Bohgdu, the ape, followed, but Tarzan commanded: "Stay! If I do not return, you must run away to the forest."

Now Ester called to the savages: "Come forth and behold the power of your god to destroy the evil one!"

The Waioris came warily, for they feared Tarzan. But they were eager to witness this mighty combat of supernatural titans.

"We stand at thirty paces, our weapons on the ground," Dester said to Tarzan. Then he pointed to a great ceremonial drum. "At the first beat of the drum," he continued, "we seize our weapons. At the second, we draw -- and fire!"

Tarzan took his station confidently, for his skill as an archer fully offset  the advantage of Dester's revolver. The drum boomed out. Tarzan bent over to pick up his bow and arrow, but when the treacherous Dester gripped his revolver, he fired at once without awaiting the signal. His anxiety, however, spoiled his aim. The bullet screamed past Tarzan's ear. With lightning speed, the Ape-man drew his bow to dispatch an arrow through the heart of his deceitful enemy, but Dester pressed the trigger again. A bullet splintered the bow, and Tarzan stood defenseless in the face of death!


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