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Volume 6504

THE CAGE OF BATTLE ~ 1934.12.09
When no space for a ll of them could be found in the boat, Tarzan insisted that he and the ape would remain on the perilous island. Bohgdu paid no heed. He was content to abide with his master; but Tarzan grimly watched the tiny craft disappear toward the far horizon while the two wounded boat guards swam desperately out to sea. Risking a watery grave rather than face their mighty conquerors again.

Presently Tarzan took up a bow and arrows he had seized from the warriors and searched the shore anew for another boat, but there was none. "No escape!" he said to Bohgdu. "We conquer Dester Molu -- or die!"

The great ape beat his chest and growled his eagerness for battle. As they journeyed through the trees to the village, they saw two lions asleep, gorged with human prey after their attack on the Waioris. Tarzan gazed down upon the huts within which the savages wailed, for they believed that the beasts which had escaped the menagerie ship were demons set upon them by Tarzan, the Evil One.

All through the street raged Dester Molu, vainly commanding the warriors to sally forth and hunt down their enemies. Once he fired into a hut to compel obedience. A savage screamed with pain, but none ventured forth, so great was their fear of Tarzan's "demons."

In a tree, the ape-man fingered his bow. A swift arrow could dispose of his enemy, but he disdained to slay without warning. So he called down to the god-king of the Waioris: "I challenge you to a duel to the death -- I with my bow, you with your revolver!"

Dester Molu trembled, then smiled. "I'll fight!" he cried; for his crafty mind had conceived a stratagem that would rob Tarzan of all hope of victory!


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