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Volume 6503

SACRIFICE  ~ 1934.12.02
While the island savages fled in terror, believing the beasts were demons conjured up by Tarzan, a lion charged at Princess Mihrama. The jungle lord, fighting his way out of the engulfing wave of frantic Waioris, heard the maiden's cry and saw her jeopardy. He climbed above the human tide and skipped along the shoulders of the close-pressed horde as he might race through swaying trees. Again on solid earth, he ran like the wind. A wild cry told him that Bohgdu, his faithful ape had escaped too, and Tarzan called to him Tarzan arrived as the lion leaped at the girl. He flung his weight against the beast and plunged his knife through the tawny hide. As the lion lay dead Tarzan commanded the ape to bear the princess away to some high tree and deposit her there for safety. 

When Bohgdu returned, the two dragged their friends free from the frenzied savages, and Tarzan ordered them southward to the shore. Then the ape-man retrieved the maiden and hurried through the treetops to the waterside rendezvous. Far eastward along the beach, the party came upon a small boat, guarded by two warriors. Tarzan and Bohgdu sprang upon them, disarmed them, and hurled them into the sea. But when the fugitives came to embark, they found that the tiny craft could not contain them all! Two must remain on the island to brave the wrath of Dester Molu! "The ape shall stay," said Tarzan calmly, " and I stay with him!"

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