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Volume 6502

SHATTERED HOPES  ~ 1934.11.25
Smiling evilly at Princess Mihrama, Dester Molu nodded toward the other captives. "They shall die. You shall live."

When he told her that she was to be his queen, the maiden fell upon her knees and implored: "Kill me too!" But Dester merely chuckled.

Now armed warriors mustered the prisoners for the torture of the gauntlet. Tarzan was placed third in line. As the first captive ran down the lane of torture, knotted thongs lashed out and scourged him until at last he fell screaming to the ground. Tarzan thought quickly. Suddenly he threw back his head, and from his throat issued a mighty roar, exactly like that of a lion at the kill. In the forest, the roar was heard by the animals which had escaped from t he menagerie ship, and the hungry beasts raced toward the cry to share in the kill. Soon the second victim was racing through the gauntlet. Tarzan was to follow. Just as he was steeling  himself for the ordeal the wild beasts leaped from the jungle -- such fierce creatures as the waioris had never seen on their island before. The cowardly Dester Molu was the first to seek safety in flight, though he was fully armed. The waioris fell into the wild confusion, as Tarzan had intended. Now he and his friends could flee. But the tide of the stampeding savages swept  against the captives and engulfed them, so that they were powerless to escape. The surging wave left many trampled to earth . Among them was the princess. As she struggled to rise, a great lion charged toward her!


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