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Volume 6501

"I shall deliver you to the people to be slain!" Dester Molu repeated as he commanded the guards to seize Tarzan and Bohgdu, the ape. Bohgdu growled fiercely, but Tarzan ordered him to submit for nothing was to be gained by defiance now. Up a dark stairway, ape-man and ape were led from the treasure vault to the waiting throng above. They were thrust into a cage and borne in triumph through the village on the shoulders of many men, while Bohgdu beat his mighty chest and roared. Tarzan was little concerned for himself -- but what of Princess Mihrama and the friends who awaited his promised return? Soon darkness fell. Fires were kindled. The captives were removed from the cage, and the savages began their monstrous dance of death. Presently the Waioris formed into double rows, with a lane between. Men with knotted leather lashes alternated with men-at-arms.

"The gauntlet!" smiled Dester Molu. Then he harangued the people, saying that the one who tortured the captives most would win favor in his eyes.

Tarzan spoke to Bohgdu: "Do as I do!" His plan was to break through the gauntlet line, though there was small chance of success. Suddenly excited cries issued from the forest. Tarzan saw the princess and her companions approaching, captives of a warrior band.

Dester Molu gazed upon the girl with sinister delight, and cried to the people: "Behold, a goddess-queen has come to share my throne!"

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