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Edgar Rice Burroughs, Inc. (ERB Inc) is pleased to announce that the complete Tarzan of the Apes book series is now available in South Africa. Publisher Henoch Neethling is releasing the 24 books by author Edgar Rice Burroughs in new Afrikaans language editions.

This will be the third, and most comprehensive, South African publication of the immortal jungle lord’s adventures. The first 20 Tarzan novels were released between 1946-51 by African Press Bookshop. From 1983 to 1985, 12 novels were re-released in paperback by Olympos. Now, all 24 novels will be available in a matched set, featuring cover art by renowned fantasy artist Joe Jusko, in hardbound and softbound editions.

“It’s because of these stories that I learned to read,” says publisher Neethling. “A recent study in South Africa revealed that an alarming percentage of Grade 4 pupils read without real comprehension. Simply put, children cannot grasp story content because they do not read enough. We hope this book launch will inspire both children and adults to read and be active again. So many of us read the novels as children, and then ran around outside, swinging from vines and pretending to be Tarzan. Tarzan speaks all African languages and it’s time for Edgar Rice Burroughs to speak Afrikaans again!”

“This is an exciting time for our company,” says Jim Sullos, President of ERB, Inc. “Historically, Tarzan has always been a character that represents courage and honor throughout all cultures. This new publishing venture will introduce Burroughs’ vision to a new segment in our global fan community.”

The books are available here.
A Facebook page for the books has been established here.
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(In Afrikaans)
4.01. Tarzan van die ape
4.02. Tarzan keer terug
4.03. Tarzan en sy diere
4.04. Tarzan se seun
4.05. Tarzan en die juwele van Opar
4.06. Tarzan avonture in die oerwoud
4.07. Tarzan die ongetemde
4.08. Tarzan die verskriklike
4.09. Tarzan en die goue leeu
4.10. Tarzan en die miermense
4.11. Tarzan koning van die oerwoud
4.12. Tarzan en die verlore ryk
4.13. Tarzan in die hart van die aarde
4.14. Tarzan die onoorwinlike
4.15. Tarzan triomfeer
4.16. Tarzan en die stad van goud
4.17. Tarzan en die leeuman
4.18. Tarzan in die luiperdmanne
4.19. Tarzan de soektog
4.20. Tarzan en die verbode stad
4.21. Tarzan die magtige
4.22. Tarzan en die 'vreemdelegioen'
4.23. Tarzan en die mal man
4.24. Tarzan en die skipbreukelinge

4.01: Tarzan of the Apes
4.02  The Return of Tarzan

4.03: The Beasts of Tarzan

4.04: The Son of Tarzan

4.05 Tarzan and the Jewels of Opar

4.06 Jungle Tales of Tarzan

4.07 Tarzan the Untamed

4.08 Tarzan the Terrible

4.09 Tarzan and the Golden Lion

4.10 Tarzan and the Ant Men

4.11 Tarzan, Lord of the Jungle

4.12 Tarzan and the Lost Empire

4.13 Tarzan at the Earth's Core

4.14 Tarzan the Invincible

4.15 Tarzan Triumphant

4.16 Tarzan and the City of Gold

4.17 Tarzan and the Lion-Man

 4.18 Tarzan and the Leopard Men

4.19 Tarzan's Quest

4.20 Tarzan and the Forbidden City

4.21 Tarzan the Magnificent

4.22 Tarzan and 'The Foreign Legion'

  4.23 Tarzan and the Madman

4.24 Tarzan and the Castaways

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