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Our July 1 Canada Day Celebrations always include a recollection of the release of our first ERBzine Webpage back in 1996. I mentioned in the ListServs and Chat Rooms of the day (long before Twitter and Facebook) that I had been a lifelong fan of Edgar Rice Burroughs and had what I thought was a pretty good knowledge and collection of his works in books, magazines, radio shows, VHS videos, comics, strips, etc.

I couldn't find many Websites devoted to ERB so I felt I had to upload something that might be of interest to a few of my fellow-crazies on the Web. I mentioned that I didn't think there would be much interest in seeing more such Webpages than this first struggling attempt.

Now, many years later, I realize that I had a bit more to share on the Web -- actually over 15,000 Webpages.

It was a real thrill when Danton Burroughs of Edgar Rice Burroughs, Inc. in Tarzana, California asked me to create and maintain the official Burroughs Websites. This soon led to his sharing wonderful material from his vast Tarzana archive for the creation of sites devoted to his grandfather's life and works. Following this I worked closely with Dan to create even more sites -- sites devoted to the Burroughs family. This in turn led to a flurry of e-mails, countless phone conversations and many visits to spend time with Dan in Tarzana -- the saddest visit being one in which I gave a eulogy at Danton's Memorial in 2008.

But the work on the sites carries on -- most days until 4 or 5 am in the morning. Latest data from our Web server company indicate that our sites have over 20 million international views per year -- many of them from countries and places where the now-popular social media are not securely available or are banned. has to be the Internet's largest single commercial-free website devoted entirely to the Life, Works and Legacy of one personality: The Grandfather of American Science Fiction ~ The Master of Fantasy Adventure ~ The Creator of John Carter Mars, Tarzan, and Countless Fantastic Worlds and Characters -- Edgar Rice Burroughs.

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