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Jane and Jack at formal event
ERB writing in his Tarzana Office  ::  Jane and Jack Burroughs
Addressed by Burroughs to his son Jack (John Coleman Burroughs) at Tarzana Ranch, Reseda, California
Postmarked: Omaha, Nebraska, February 18, 1923. 
At the top of the letter Burroughs has drawn a four-panel cartoon featuring sons Jack and Hulbert.
To escape "Injuns", Hulbert mounts his horse, while Jack, too small to climb on in the normal way, digs a hole for his horse and prepares to climb on. 
Edgar Rice Burroughs ~ Tarzana Ranch  ~ Reseda, California

North Platte, Nebraska 
February 16, 1923

Dear Jack

We are just leaving North Platte, Nebr. The train shakes so that I cannot draw very well. I couldn't if it didn't shake at all, so what's the difference. Did I tell you that I found your valentine in my grip? The one of the lady kicking. That must be the way she feels before breakfast. I wired ahead for reservations on the Broadway Limited on the Pennsylvania RR so we will arrive in New York at 9:40 Sunday morning. It will be nice & wintry and cold out. The air feels & tastes & smells good. 

Love & kisses to my dear children.

. .
Envelope addressed to Joan & Jack/courtesy Hulbert
Dear Jack
Mama and I had dinner early, as we are going to see Morton of the Movies tonight. Mr. Cohn gave me tickets. Tomorrow night we are going to his home for dinner and to another show in the evening. 

My trial did not start today. I spent an hour this afternoon in the offices of Mr. Craft's attorneys. Mr. Craft was there too. He did not offer to kiss me. In fact he did not seem to notice that I was there although the room was no larger than Mama's dressing room. I fear that the dear fellow's eyesight is failing. 

I went to Bob Davis' office afterward, where my reception was far more cordial. 

It is not so very cold here - about 20 above zero. I should think neither Mama or I feel it much. 

We miss you dear children very much. It seems as though we had been gone a month. 

Good night, my dear boy. Kiss Joan and Hulbert for us. 

Lots and lots of love for you all. I hope Aunt Winnie, Charlotte and Martha are having a pleasant time. Do all you can to make their visit enjoyable. 


LETTERHEAD: Edgar Rice Burroughs ~ Tarzana, California
Dear Joan & Jack
I have asked [name illegible]'s daughter to lunch at the Hollywood Athletic Club Thursday at 12. 

She is anxious to meet you both, and as she is an artist I think Jack will like to meet her as she specializes in portraits of dogs and has never had an opportunity to do an Old English Sheep Dog. 

She is also going to try to bring Bob Stall along whom we have been trying to contract for the new Tarzan picture. 

I hope you will both come. 

Please let me know. Love.

(OB for "Old Burroughs", his children's name for their dad)

Addressed to Jack Burroughs/Clark Hall/Claremont/California
Tarzana, California, January 25

Edgar Rice Burroughs ~ Tarzana Ranch ~ Reseda, California
January 25, 1932

Dear Jack,

I'm enclosing your new S. O. credit card; also a clipping from the Hydrographic Office that stimulates the imagination. 

Think of drifting about in the Pacific Ocean for twenty-three years!

Oh yes, I know, what of it? 



ADDRESSED TO: Mr. John Coleman Burroughs Clark Hall, Claremont, California
POSTMARK: Los Angeles, February 8, 1932
LETTERHEAD: Edgar Rice Burroughs ~ Tarzana Ranch ~ Reseda, California
February 8, 1932

Dear Jack
It was considerate of you to phone us yesterday and very timely. Mamma was just about to start out with a shovel to dig your frozen corpses out of the deep snow on top of some mountain. 

She did not know which mountain, but would probably have started with Old Baldy and worked north to Whitney. 

We may be over tomorrow if I can get pontoons for Cord. Yesterday afternoon we went to Mr. Corwin's and played bridge. I lost, as usual. 

Am about to start a new story if I can think of one. 



ENVELOPE: Edgar Rice Burroughs, Inc. typed envelope to Mr. John Coleman Burroughs, Big Bear Lake, California

Dear Jack

Thanks for your letter. The working plans sound interesting. Am sure you will get a great deal out of work there this summer.

Jim swam out to the raft alone Sunday. He is working in the new Marx Brothers' picture as a foot ball player. Has a contract at a good figure this time. Cecil DeMille is much interested in him for his new picture, and another man at Lasky's wants tests of him for the lead in a jungle picture they are going to make this fall. 

The house at the beach progresses, though slowly. Rivierre's errors are costing us time as well as money. 

Nothing definite from NBC as yet, though they promised Dahlquist they would give him a definite answer today, Joe Neebe is hot after Tarzan for the Columbia network; says he has two hot clients. 

If Mamma and I are able to come up while you are there, we will let you know when we shall arrive and give you a chance to head us off if the date we select is not satisfactory to you. If you are near enough Arrowhead, we shall go there and you can meet us and have dinner with us and stay there while we are there, which will doubtless be some Saturday afternoon and Sunday. 

Mamma joins me in sending a great deal of love to you. 



ENVELOPE: Address: John Coleman Burroughs in Claremont ~  Postmark: Los Angeles, November 2, 1932. 
 LETTERHEAD: Edgar Rice Burroughs ~ Tarzana, California

November 1, 1932

Dear Jack,

The aroma of your presence lingers with us. No, I don't mean what you mean. The metaphor is purely poetic. 

The only excitement since you were here was occasioned by a gent with heavy feet and flash light who walked down who walked down our east walk last night with a flash light. I heard him go down but thought I was dreaming. Both Mamma and I saw him come back.

I thought he was the patrolman, but they told us this morning their men were all in uniform, and Mamma said this man had on white trousers. 

Tarzan barked and ran across the room as the fellow was leaving. Mysterious puzzle #5. I shall take my gun to bed with me tonight. 

Mamma and I saw Harold Lloyd in Movie Crazy this afternoon. It is good comedy, and Constance Cummings is cute. Having nothing to say I have said it. 



LETTERHEAD: Edgar Rice Burroughs ~ Tarzana, California
January 18, 1933

Dear Jack,

If I wrote to you boys as often as I think of you, you would have to expend all of your time reading my letters; so, out of consideration for you, I don't write at all. Mamma and I just came home from seeing James Cagney in Hard To Handle. It was very funny. 

I was reading in my mother's memoirs yesterday something I had forgotten which may account for you. Your Aunt Sadie was 'teacher of art and painting' in the Young Ladies' Seminary, Wheeling, West Virginia about 1862. 

The Hunters were over for dinner and contract yesterday. They are a nice young couple. Dr. and Mrs. Phillips are coming Friday, and next Tuesday we are going to the Hunters' regular sack lunches.

It is raining again and quite cold and disagreeable. The last storm accompanied a number of loads. John & Mary's roof leaked, and the rain beat under my studio door and ran down into Mamma's room. Incidentally, a window in the billiard room blew open, or I left it open, and the rain pounded in all night. I told Mamma not to worry because everything would dry out nicely next summer. 

Hulbert said that probably neither of you would be home this week end. Shall be glad when your examinations are over - and doubtless you will too.




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