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DUM-DUM 2017
Coldwater, Michigan
Hosted by: Michael A. Hatt
Aug 3 thru 5, 2017

The event was organized by Michael Hatt
Celebrations got off to a fine start with registration,
opening of the hucksters room, and presentations
Michael Hatt ~ Jim Sullos ~ Lee Strong
Martin Powell ~ Mike Chapman

Michael Hatt and Bill Hillman

Leia Powell, licensed ERB, Inc. stained glass artist
had special gifts for Sue-On Hillman - a "Dammit Doll"
and special NASA souvenir from Huntsville, Alabama for Bill Hillman.

Bill Hillman checking out the goods in the Hucksters Room
The Bill and Sue-On Hillman Website:

Michael Hatt's wife Gloria was doing a fine and long job
of making sure all attendees who registered received their packet of goodies.
Advertising Flier with book ordering information. .Dust Jacket cover of my book.  .
Explore the Evolution of Michael's book in a previous ERBzine Feature:

The first presentation was by ERB, Inc president Jim Sullos
on new and current events happening at Edgar Rice Burroughs, Inc., Tarzana.
Jim and ERB, Inc. have hosted many memorable Dum-Dums and ECOFs in Tarzana
Meet Jim Sullos in our previous ERBzine feature:

ERB, Inc. has published 5 books in the series:
The Wild Adventures of Edgar Rice Burroughs

One of the announcements was about
Lee Strong's novel, "A Soldier of Poloda," published by ERB, Inc
View the Previews  of Lee's book in our earlier ERBzine Features:

Martin Powell, discussed his writing background,
his writing for ERB, Inc.'s on-line graphic novel strips, and other works in progress.
Martin's many graphic interpretations of ERB's novels may be read via:

. .

Mike Chapman,
who hosted the Dum-Dum in Waterloo nine years ago,
spoke of his connections to five movie Tarzans
(Brix, Morris, Mahoney, Miller, and Scott)
and the books that he has written.
Enjoy our coverage of Mike's successful 2008 Waterlook Dum-Dum at:


After the presentations, some of the attendees gathered for supper at Broadway Grill.
It was great to catch up with fellow Canucks Doug and Jean Denby.
Doug and Jean hosted a popular ECOF gathering in Unionville, Ontario in 2005

Sue-On and her pal-in-crime (shopping) Shirley Le Beau.

Always fun conversations with Shirley and Ray Le Beau...
not only about ERB, but also their great collections of trains,
Shirley's fabulous Xmas decorations, plants, and of course, grandchildren!

Great to see faithfuls Bradleigh Vinson and Pat Vinson bringing along two members of their family!
We are hoping that Pat was able to manage some of her famous grape jelly for the BB auction.
See our photo journal of Brad's 2014 Texas Dum-Dum

We were happy to reconnect with Diane Miller,
who was seated with Doug and Jean Denby.

More of the rowdy group: Leia Powell and Martin Powell,
Bill and Nan Kamper, their grandson Liam, Linda and Jim Thompson,
Dick Spargur and Ginnie Spargur, and Jess Terrell

Jim Thompson hosted the 2000 ECOF Gathering in Clarksville, Tennessee

There's Jess Terrell - right beside Joog (Dick Spargur)
Dick Spargur hosted the 2009 Dum-Dum in Dayton, Ohio

Oh... Brian Bohnett, always the card ...LOL!
Brian dragged pretty daughter Llana along, who thought Canadians say "Sorry" with a "w"... LOL!
Sue-On corrected her saying that Chinese Canadians say "Soll-ly."

Bill Kamper on the right. . .
Beside Linda and Jim Thompson... TWO ERB gatherings in ONE year!
That's what semi-retirement allows;-)

After dinner was the joint Panthan-Muckers meeting-
presided by James G Huckenpöhler and Joan "J the V" Bledig

The Latest Double Issue "Panthans Journal" and "Mucker Magazine" Magazines


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