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Volume 6014

ERB's Fantasy Worlds II
Art by Dan Reed
Continued from Part I: Barsoom at 6013
Daniel A. Reed

Born in Massachusetts ~ January 26, 1960
Raised in Miami.
1980s: Worked for Marvel and DC comics
Attended Miami Dade 
One man show at the Museum of Science Space Planetarium.
Interviewed on Miami television program "Something on 17".
Spent three years in Paris, France, traveling across Western Europe absorbing the culture and painting.
Lived in New York City for several years, participating in various group shows.
Currently residing in Rockland County for the last seven years, participating in group shows.
Two person show, "Textural Terra",  Jan-Feb of 2002 at Wyoming Arts Council in Perry, New York

Daniel has four distinct painting expressions that all stem from the same highly emotional and intellectual base. "I love pure non objective because it stresses the underpinning essentials of art; composition, color, shape, and yet I love doing the human figure because it is through this filter that we seek to understand our reality... our environment. Which of course is the appeal in painting landscapes. Combining all of these elements shouldn’t really be seen as different genres, so much as a totality of the physical, psychological and philosophical".

There is an undeniable exuberance Daniel A. Reed feels while standing amidst the majesty of nature, Paintbrush in hand, attempting to obtain the virtually unattainable. Each canvas expressing some of the wonderment that is the artist's journey as he  conveys the magic of the moment. Enhancing the thrill of plein air landscape painting is the excitement of doing it "Alla Prima" ... in one sitting. After reading up on an area, Daniel elects to drive to the spot to allow the area itself to be the inspiration. The moment occurs as the 'perfect" composition leaps out and virtually demands to be painted. Daniel has found that the endless challenge isn't trying to get a photographic likeness of the area so much as capturing a feeling of the eternal element underlying the landscape. One of the great pleasures on this Earth, Daniel feels, is the exhilaration of walking away 
from a panorama with a painting that has become a part of the drama that is nature itself.


The act of Painting portraiture is one of the most exciting and challenging in the entire arena of art. Painting the shape of a person's content isn't convincing without getting to know the person to some degree. Daniel usually converses with the subject, learning about their personality , so that not just surface details are revealed in the finished canvas. The uniqueness of a person's inner self determines the tone of the pallet and composition, so all his portraits are clearly as individual as the people posing for them.

Abstract Representational

When the world that Daniel conjures up is first viewed, the convergence of non objective and representational painting combined with photography vividly emerges as an organic uninterrupted flux. The temptation to categorize art into nice distinct boxes fades as the implicit rightness of abstract representational flows off the canvas and invades our realm with primal force.

The vivid colors employed with an impasto brushstroke, solidify the unmistakable feeling of the other in this work. The other world, the other realm, the other persons viewing this world in a sharp photographic snapshot. A snapshot that at once disturbs while simultaneously reassures our macrocosmic worldview.

There is a recurring motif of the great metropolis under scrutiny as though from another dimension by nude, muse-like figures. The nudes seem to dance to universal concepts just out of reach of the consciousness of the city dwellers. This mode of communication appears to be a conduit for the experiences that life has so far impressed upon the psyche of the artist.


Art in it's purest state is really all about colors, shapes, and composition. Historically the cutting edge of art over the last hundred years or so has become increasingly abstract to the point where it's no longer even abstracted from something but, rather, has become the thing itself. Instead of imitating nature, art, using hue and form, has become a new object.

Not unlike a Paleolithic cave painter performing sympathetic magic, Daniel utilizes what he refers to as pure "Subconscious Mind Projection", he allows all the experience that he has had up to that point to flow across the canvas.


Mr. Burroughs
I saw a picture of Mr. Burroughs in the back of a book and he looked like a real adventurer,
so I borrowed it and put him in front of Monument Valley because it almost looks like Mars to me.

The Return of Tarzan
Tarzan and the Lost City of Opar
A classic scene if ever there were one.

At the Earth’s Core
David Inns and Abner Perry drill into the center of the Earth
only to be confronted by a giant beast!

 Pirates of Venus
Carson lands on Amtor
I carefully read ERB’s description and tried to be as faithful as possible….

Pirates of Venus
The girl in the garden… Duare
I wanted Duare to have a completely different look than anyone else had ever given her.

Pirates of Venus
I wanted to do my own take from the famous Ace paperback cover by Roy Krandel….
But decided to go with Carson being captured like a scene from the book.

This was done in oil paint….
I know he only had one knife, but I thought that if I were in the jungle
I would certainly want more than one myself.

Continued from Part I: Barsoom at 6013

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