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Volume 6013

ERB's Fantasy Worlds I
Art by Dan Reed
    Meet Dan Reed
    Dan Reed is an Artist who has always loved the comic book medium, and wanted to become a professional comic artist even as a very young boy. At 13, while attending the small comic shows around in Miami back then, he found out that C.C.Beck lived in the general area. He began to visit Mr. Beck who went on to hire him as an assistant during summer months.
  • At 15 he entered the art contest at Miami Con One, where his worked was judged first place by none other that Jack Kirby himself.
  • At 19 he began working for a local company that had connections with South American comics and began penciling and inking “El Hombre Mosca”… for the whopping sum of $5 dollars a page… talk about your sweat shops…
  • He finally broke into comics in 1981 by talking Charlton Comics to print his work for free… and he thought that five bucks a page was bad…
  • He went on to work for DC doing House of Mystery pin-ups and then Marvel doing Indiana Jones, The Hulk, Alpha Flight, The Punisher, Captain America and others…
  • He went to college for a couple of years studying fine art while getting full scholarship for doing a newspaper strip called “SubAtomica”.
  • He then went to live in Paris, France and started working for Marvel UK doing the Transformers.
  • After a few years of this he returned to America and once again starting working for Marvel and DC.
  • Wanting complete creative control he went on to self publish “New World Order” 1-8 and “Retro-Dead” #1
  • He continued painting and started to do small animation shorts.
  • Dan is currently publishing a Web Comic “The Dimensioneer”.
  • He did a short story for the independent book the Charlton Arrow featuring his character  “The Problem!”
  • He then went on to work with InDellable’s POP comics doing “TeenAge Space Cadets” featuring Tom Corbett.
  • And has been self publishing “The Dimensioneer”.

Why I Drew The ERB Illustrations
I did these a few years ago in 2008 after re-reading several of Edgar Rice Burroughs books. His adventures were the first books that I ever read and they have always held a special place for me. I couldn’t get enough of them growing up and also fell in love with all the wonderful covers! I used to get beat up copies of the original hard covers at book stores and comic conventions and loved the illustrations… as I had always wanted to be an artist, I had thought to myself that someday when I was good enough I would illustrate a bunch of them! Which I have, and just recently colored them…. I hope I did them the justice that they deserve and that I managed to capture some of the magic I felt when I first read these wonderful tales of magic.

A Princess of Mars
Arrival on Barsoom
When John Carter first arrives on Mars and is confronted by the fierce Tharks!
I tried to make this scene more faithful to the books by having John Carter naked upon arrival.
I also wanted to re-think the look of the Tharks.

Carter and Slain Thark
This was my first picture done in the series and it was influenced by DC’s version….

Gods of Mars
Thuvia lead John Carter, Tars Tarkas and her Banths through ancient tunnels….
Here I was starting to get my take on John Carter and crew…

Gods of Mars
Fighting the plant people….
I felt that I was really reaching my stride with my version of costumes and weapons,
as well as the overall look of things.

Gods of Mars
John Carter fighting the black pirates of Mars!
I really enjoyed the floating war galleon and the swashbuckling feel in general.

Issus of Mars
ERB described Issus in quite a vile manner and I tried to be true to his description.

John Carter and Dejah Thoris
This was another of my earlier attempts at doing these…..
you can really see the influence of the 1960’s paperback covers by Robert Abbett
in the Roman style kilt that John Carter is wearing
… but I think you can also see me trying to break away into something new
that was all my own with Dejah….
Although I’m not sure if the wings on her headdress quite worked.

Master Mind and white ape
Here is one of several images I did of one of my favorite books of the Martian series…

The Mastermind of Mars
Here I was thinking of what the first splash page of a
MasterMind of Mars comic would look like if I did it.

MasterMind of Mars
This is a wonderful scene almost never depicted from the book…
it was a lot of fun to portray it!

The Mastermind of Mars
Again, I was trying to be faithful to ERB
and all the other great artists that had come before me,
while still trying to bring a completely new look to the material.

 Master Mind pin up
Here is the drawing of the Master Mind of Mars
before I thought to make a comic book splash page of it.

Thuvia, Maid of Mars
Thuvia, Tario and his Phantom Bowmen
I loved this scene from and had never seen it done before.

A Princess of Mars
The classic scene with Woola and the white ape
where Woola defends newly arrived John Carter
from one of the many dangers awaiting him on Mars.

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Continued in Fantasy Worlds PART II: ERBzine 6014

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