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Issue 0661
The Many Worlds of
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Tarzan and the Fires of Tohr #161 ~1947 Dell Comic

Edgar Rice Burroughs'

“The Fires of Tohr”
39-Episode Radio Serial

Summarized by Duane Adams

Episodes 19-39
Episode 19:
Previously on the Fires of Tohr.
The party looks to Tarzan for answers.  The yellow warriors spy them and charge.  Gun shots and sounds of battle.  Tarzan shouts, “Kreegah!”  Battle noises.  They capture Jeanette.  Battle noises.  Ashleigh, Ukah and d’Arnot charge forward.  The Major is speared.  Ahtea demands their surrender, or they will kill Jeanette.  Wong pleads for them to give up.  They surrender.  Tarzan has sustained superficial wounds.  Ahtea and Tarzan trade insults.  Jeanette weeps over the wounded Ashleigh.  Wong asks to talk with the Major before he dies.  He requests that they stand between he and Ahtea so the Queen will be unable to see them.  They try to comfort Jeanette.  Ashleigh and Wong shake hands in friendship.  Ashleigh tells Jeanette not to grieve.  Ashleigh dies.  Tarzan claims the Tohrian right to single combat with Ashleigh’s killer.  Mungo accepts the challenge.  Ahtea declares that the fight will take place in a public arena after a day of feasting.  She will give Ashleigh the ceremonial burial rites of Pantu.  Tarzan asks about the fate of his other friends.  Ahtea starts to threaten him, but Wong interrupts her with the consul to be careful.  The Queen sentences the men to work in the elephant paddock.  Mungo leads them to the stable.  As Wong brings Jeanette to Ahtea, she questions his loyalty.  Wong hints that he is not what he appears to be.  He tells her of his attempts to thwart the Queen’s plans.  They arrive at Ahtea’s quarters.  Gong.  The sound of a door opening.

Episode 20:
Previously on the Fires of Tohr.
Ahtea delights in torturing Jeanette with talk of Mungo killing Tarzan and of her punishment.  Jeanette hints that she told Tarzan that Ahtea pushed her into the lion pit.  Ahtea states that it was an accident.  She declares that Jeanette will be her personal body slave.  She calls in Tanya, a slave, to have Jeanette removed.  She points out that all her slaves have had their tongues cut out.  Ahtea and Wong talk.  Wong asks what the winner of the combat will receive.  She tells him, “his life and great honor.”  Wong suggests the winner receive a trophy -- Jeanette.  Ahtea thinks this idea is wonderful.

Meanwhile, in the elephant paddock a bull elephant named Black Maluk is uncontrollable. Rutan, the master of the elephant slaves, pushes Tarzan towards the wild elephant and tells him that it will be his job to train it.  Tarzan approaches the wild elephant and calls, “Tantor.”  Tarzan talks with the raging bull.  It lifts Tarzan onto its back and down again.  D’Arnot explains that Tarzan spoke to it in the language of the great apes.  Tarzan informs Rutan that they will train the wild elephant, but it will take some time.  Rutan agrees.  Tarzan explains to his companions of his plan to use tantor to carry Ukah and d’Arnot to the outer wall so they can escape and bring back the Rhatohrian warriors.  They are lifted onto tantor’s back, and Tarzan sends the elephant out of the paddock.  Elephant noises.

Episode 21:
Previously on the Fires of Tohr.
Elephant noises.  Black Maluk crashes through the gate of elephant paddock.  The guards are too late to stop the escape.  Rutan and his men come to awaken Tarzan and O’Rourke who pretend that they are a sleep.  Rutan wants Tarzan to recapture Black Maluk.  Rutan realizes that d’Arnot and Ukah are gone and wants Tarzan to bring them back as well.

Elephant noises.  D’Arnot and Ukah worry that there is too much noise and it will bring the guards.  Strange noises.  Black Maluk stops by the wall.  They achieve the top of the wall.  D’Arnot uses ape language to send the elephant back to Tarzan.  Elephant noise.  Black Maluk starts to return to the paddock.  A guard patrolling the wall comes.  They overpower him, but not before he cries out.  They tie and gag him.  Using a rope they brought with them, they descend the wall with the guard’s weapons.  A yellow man’s scream.  The gag is out of the guard’s mouth.  They head into the jungle.

Meanwhile, Mungo reports to Ahtea that he has delivered the prisoners to the elephant paddock.  Ahtea hopes that an elephant will accidentally kill some of them.  She will set the date of the personal combat soon.  Gong.  Mungo is sent to see who it is.  The Queen will tell Jeanette and Tarzan that Jeanette will be the prize for the victor of the fight.  Mungo returns with Rutan’s report of the escape from the elephant paddock.

Episode 22:
Previously on the Fires of Tohr.
Rutan tells Ahtea what happen at the elephant paddock.  Ahtea commands Rutan to search inside and outside the city for the escapees. He will die if he fails to find them.  Wong consuls the Queen to interview Tarzan and O’Rourke.  Mungo is sent to bring them to the Queen.  Ahtea declares that d’Arnot and Ukah will be sent to the fires of Tohr.  Wong suggests it was Tarzan’s idea for the second escape; furthermore, he consuls that Tarzan be separated from the others. Gong.  Ahtea has Jeanette brought to her.  Wong begins to speak, but Ahtea tells him to be careful.  Ahtea hints of her plan to make Jeanette the winner’s prize.  Jeanette does not understand what she is talking about.  Ahtea states that the personal combat will take place on the last day of the Feast of Pantu.  There will be three days of ceremonies with games and sports on the last day.  It will be in ten days time.  Gong.  Mungo brings in Tarzan and O’Rourke.  Ahtea asks them the whereabouts of d’Arnot and Ukah.  Terry answers that they were a sleep.  Wong expresses doubt that Tarzan could sleep through the noises of an elephant crashing through a gate.   Once more Ahtea states that d’Arnot and Ukah will go to the fires of Tohr.  She sends Tarzan and O’Rourke in chains to the jewel pits of Tohr.  They will work along side the other slaves until the day of the fight.

 Jungle noises.  D’Arnot and Ukah discuss many things as they travel through the jungle.  They realize a lion is stalking them from behind.  They run for a tree.  The lion charges.   Lion noises.

Episode 23:
Previously on the Fires of Tohr.
Ukah pushes d’Arnot aside and plants the butt of his spear into the ground.  The lion’s leap terminates on the spear.  Lion noises.  The lion dies.  Ukah states that they need a riding elephant if they are to return in time to help their friends.  They decide to look for a Tohrian jungle patrol.  Ukah thinks he knows of a camp nearby.
Musical interlude.

Meanwhile, in the jewel pits of Tohr.  Sounds of guards whipping the slaves.  While digging in the pits, Tarzan cautions O’Rourke to be patience.  Tarzan thinks he can break their chains.  He tells him they must give d’Arnot and Ukah a few days to achieve their goal.  While they are in the pits, Tarzan will attempt to insight a rebellion amongst the slaves.  Sounds of guards whipping the slaves.  Tarzan speaks with a Rhatohrian slave named Kai-luk.  He asks him to speak with the other Rhatohrian slaves about joining a revolt.  He says the others would probably join, willing.

Wong sneaks into Ahtea’s slave quarters.  He discovers Jeanette, who was sent by Ahtea to find some bath scents.  She pleads with him to try to have the battle between Tarzan and Mungo stopped.  Wong tells her he will try to get the Queen to postpone it.  In return, he asks Jeanette to get the key to Ahtea’s treasure cavern.  Gongs.  Jeanette panics, as Ahtea is about to return to the palace.

Episode 24:
Previously on the Fires of Tohr.
Wong develops a plan and tells Jeanette to calm down.  Sounds of a door opening and closing.  Wong enters the anteroom amongst fears that his greed will cause him to loose his head.  Gong.  Ahtea enters and asks why Wong is there.  He states that he is waiting for his Queen.  He suggests that Tarzan’s fight wait until d’Arnot and Ukah are recaptured.  Jeanette is brought in.  When questioned, Jeanette says that she just now found the items the Queen asked for and that she did not meet with Wong in this room.  Ahtea suspects Jeanette and Wong are planning something.  Ahtea sends Jeanette away.  Ahtea, Wong, and Mungo will go by elephant to inspect the jewel pits.
Musical interlude.

D’Arnot and Ukah discover a jungle patrol stockade.  They plan to wait for dark, climb over the stockade, kill the guard, open the gate, take an elephant, and escape.  D’Arnot suggests releasing all the elephants.  Ukah thinks that would be unwise.  The Tohrians prepare to sleep.  Ukah climbs on top on d’Arnot’s back to reach the top of the fence.  Ukah pulls d’Arnot up the wall.  They sneak toward the gate.
Musical interlude.

Sounds of guards whipping the slaves.  Tarzan reports to O’Rourke that Kai-luk has talked the other slaves into joining the revolt, if they get their chains off.  Tarzan has a plan.  Trumpet sound.  Mounted on an elephant, Ahtea and Jeanette enter the area.  Trumpet sound.  Wong, Mungo, and many others on elephants follow the Queen.  Ahtea sends Mungo to bring Tarzan and O’Rourke to her.  Sounds of chains being released.  Ahtea questions Tarzan and O’Rourke.  She tells Tarzan that the date for his fight with Mungo is set.  It will be... Noises of a great disturbance mixed with elephant noises.  Ahtea and Jeanette’s elephant goes berserk and rushes toward an open pit.

Episode 25:
Previously on the Fires of Tohr.
Mungo can not stop the elephant carrying Ahtea and Jeanette from rushing toward the open pit.  Tarzan shouts, “Tantor!”  He leaps onto the back of the raging elephant and calms the beast with soothing words.  It stops just at the edge of the pit.  Ahtea is so gratefully to Tarzan for saving her life that she would give the ape-man anything within reason.  She keeps Tarzan on the elephant and sends Jeanette away.  She offers Tarzan a kingship.  He refuses.  She threatens Tarzan but suddenly admits that she fell in love with him at first sight.  Again she implores him to be her mate.  Tarzan says that friendship must come before love.  He asks her to prove her love/friendship by letting them all go free.  He would return to her.  Ahtea asks him one last time.  Tarzan refuses.  She says he will go to the arena to fight Mungo, and the others will be fed to the fires of Tohr.
Musical interlude.

D’Arnot and Ukah make their way along the wall toward the gate and the elephants.  Ukah points out that there is only one guard.  The plan is to have Ukah quiet the guard and d’Arnot to open the gate.  Ukah stabs the guard with his spear and attempts to silence him, but the yellow man manages half of a scream.  D’Arnot opens the gate.  They fumble with the lock on the elephant’s chain.  The yellow men have heard the half cry and start toward the gate.  Ukah loosens the lead elephant, and they mount it.  Screams of the yellow men.  Yellow men gain on them as their elephant moves slowly away.  Screams of yellow men.

Episode 26:
Previously on the Fires of Tohr.
Elephant noises.  The slate gray elephant with d’Arnot and Ukah on top picks up speed and makes it through the gate.  Ukah plans to get to a river and travel downstream.  Crocodiles are in the river.  Crocodile noises.  They go around a bend in the river.  Yellow men scream in the distance.  In front of them is a herd of wild elephants.  Elephant noises.  The herd picks up the scent of men and starts to stampede.  Ukah and d’Arnot’s elephant is swept into the stampede.   Elephant noises.
Musical interlude.

Sounds of slaves being whipped.  Tarzan tells O’Rourke of Ahtea’s offer and of the threat of the fires of Tohr for his friends.  Sounds of slaves being whipped.  Kai-luk and the other slaves want to know Tarzan’s plan.  He says they must wait for awhile.  Kai-luk fears there will not be enough slaves for a revolt because many will be fed to the lions, Pantu, and the fires of Tohr during the Feast of Pantu, which will take place in seven days.  Tarzan states that they will rise up before the Feast of Pantu.
Musical interlude.

Meanwhile, Ahtea asks Wong how to bring Tarzan to his knees.  Wong says she should trust Tarzan to keep his word that he would return.  The Queen says that all men can not be trusted.  Ahtea tries to get Jeanette to persuade Tarzan to stay of his own free will.  She also tells her that she will become the mate of Mungo when Tarzan is killed in the arena.

Episode 27:
Previously on the Fires of Tohr.
Jeanette is shocked by the possibility of being Mungo’s mate.  Wong tells her that she will be the prize of the victor of the fight between Tarzan and Mungo.  Ahtea is confident that Mungo will kill Tarzan.  Gong.  Mungo enters to report that d’Arnot and Ukah have stolen an elephant from the jungle patrol.  Wong asks Jeanette for the key to the treasure cave.  She tells him that she will get it tomorrow.  Ahtea is informed that the officer in charge of the elephant patrol is Vandor, the son of Rutan.  The Queen tells Mungo to prepare the arena for the Feast of Pantu games, and that Vandor and Rutan will participate in the lion pit.
Musical interlude.

Meanwhile, in the jewel pits, everyone is on edge about the mutiny.  Sounds of slaves being whipped.  Tarzan says they must wait for three or four more days for d’Arnot and Ukah.  Mungo comes to the jewel pits.  Kai-luk informs Tarzan that Mungo has come to choose slaves for the games.  The strong will be placed in a gold collar and will go to fight lions.  The weak shall be given an iron collar and will be fed to the fires of Tohr.  Tarzan tells Kai-luk that the rebellion will be the night before the games.  Mungo approaches them and places a gold collar around O’Rourke’s neck.  He also mentions that he will be awarded Jeanette for his mate when he kills Tarzan.  Wong approaches.  Sounds of whipping.  He tells them that Jeanette is to be the prize for the winner of the combat.  He also informs them of d’Arnot and Ukak’s successful escape from the elephant patrol.
Musical interlude.

Sounds of stampeding elephants.  Ukah finally manages to get their mount to slow and maneuvers it out of the herd.  They stop by a water hole and decide to rest for the evening.  Elephant noises.  Their elephant runs off.  D’Arnot spies men on elephants heading their way.  Believing it is a Tohrian patrol; they climb into the trees.  Elephant noises.

Episode 28:
Previously on the Fires of Tohr.
Ukah and d’Arnot are safely in the trees when the mounted elephant patrol arrives at the water hole.  Ukah cries out to the dismay of d’Arnot.  It is his father, the Shohn, and his Rhatohrian warriors.  Ukah introduces d’Arnot.  The Rhatohrians were hunting wild elephants and decided to stop for the evening.  Ukah relates the tale of his escape from Tohr and requests a Rhatohrian attack on Tohr.  His father is reluctant because the two previous attacks on Tohr were unsuccessful and because of the time element.  Ukah says he gave his word to Tarzan of the Apes.  They plan to leave for Rhatohr.  D’Arnot informs the Shohn that Tarzan will have the main gates open for his army.  Elephant noises.  They leave for Rhatohr to assemble the army.
Musical interlude.

Sounds of whipping.  O’Rourke worries about Jeanette’s fate worse than death.  Tarzan wonders why Wong told them about d’Arnot and Ukah’s escape.  Rutan and Vandor are brought to the jewel pits in gold collars.  O’Rourke suspects they are spies.  Tarzan does not think so because of their friends’ escape.  O’Rourke gets Rutan’s attention.  Rutan attacks the Irishman.
Musical interlude.

Ahtea delights in telling Jeanette about the games.  Jeanette tells the Queen that Tarzan would do anything to protect his friends.  She also confesses her love for Terry.  Ahtea laughs and says if O’Rourke is successful in his combat, she can have him.  Ahtea goes to get the key to her jewel cave.  It is missing.  Gong.  The Queen will have all her slaves searched, starting with Jeanette.

Episode 29:
Previously on the Fires of Tohr.
Ahtea has Tanya, her slave, search Jeanette.  Gong.  Wong enters under the guise of talking about the upcoming games.  Ahtea wants him to watch, as the search for the key is to begin.  The Queen suspects that Jeanette would be the only one brave enough to take the key.  Wong bows as he makes to leave.  Jeanette slips him the key.  Ahtea commands Wong to stay.

Meanwhile in the jewel pits, Rutan and O’Rourke are fighting.  Fight noises.  Tarzan shouts, “Kreegah!” Tarzan chokes Rutan.  Kai-luk joins the fray.  Rutan is choked half unconscious to the ground.   Whipping sounds.  Kai-luk warns Tarzan not to say anything to Vandor because he is the son of Rutan.  Tarzan’s suspicion that Rutan and Vandor are in the jewel pits because of the escape of his friends is confirmed.  Tarzan tells O’Rourke to stay away from Rutan and Vandor.
Musical interlude.

The search of Jeanette reveals nothing.  As Ahtea is distracted by the search of the other slaves, Wong tells Jeanette that they will look in the treasure vault and then replace the key.  Jeanette says she will not go with him.  Wong threatens to expose her theft of the key to Ahtea if she does not accompany him.  The angry Queen sends Tanya to search the slaves’ quarters and other chambers.  Sound of door opening and closing.  Wong asks Ahtea who else has access to the chamber, thus the key.  Ahtea believes it is Jeanette who took the key and threatens to have her fingers cut off.  Wong tells Ahtea that his ancestors suggest that he be given free access to all of Tohr in order to resolve the mystery of the key.  Ahtea will give him two days and a ring, which will permit him to go anywhere without question.  Gong.  Mungo arrives with a report from a spy that an escape from the jewel pit is in the works.

Episode 30:
Previously on the Fires of Tohr.
Mungo reports that a spy has overheard Kai-luk, the Rhatohrian, planning the slave revolt.  Wong states that they should investigate.  Ahtea announces that they will go to the pits to question Kai-luk.  Wong says you can’t escape your destiny.  They leave for the jewel pits.
Musical interlude.

Meanwhile, the Rhatohrians gather their forces, and the chiefs plan their attack.  Tamor, a chief, questions why they should help the white strangers.  They convince him that they should because they saved Ukah twice.  Lt. d’Arnot goes to prepare his part of the plan.  He hears voices speaking in English and goes to investigate.  Tamor is speaking with Poltar.  They speak of an earlier plan, which resulted in Ukah’s capture because the Tohrians intercepted Poltar’s signal.  Tamor had made sure that the Tohrians would intercept the signal that Poltar thought he was sending to friendly forces. Poltar repeats his orders.  He is to ride to Tohr and tell Ahtea that the Rhatohrians will attack Tohr on the last day of the Feast of Pantu.  D’Arnot hears voices behind him.  Before he can get away, the door opens.  Tamor and Poltar are in front of him.

Ahtea and Wong arrive at the jewel pits by elephant.  The spy points out Kai-luk.  Wong informs the Queen that Tarzan and O’Rourke are chained next to Kai-luk.  Ahtea has all three brought before her.  Wong dismounts the elephant.  Ahtea questions Kai-luk about the revolt.  Kai-luk says he knows of no such plot.  Ahtea will have him whipped if he doesn’t talk.  Wong says that Tarzan or O’Rourke may know something.  Ahtea asks O’Rourke about the revolt.  Terry says that he doesn’t speak the language.   Ahtea has Kai-luk whipped.  Sounds of the whip.

Episode 31:
Previously on the Fires of Tohr.
Sounds of the whip.  Ahtea has the whipping stopped, but Kai-luk will still not talk.  Tarzan asks that Kai-luk to be released and then he will talk.  At first Ahtea is defiant but has Kai-luk released.  He tells Ahtea that he knows her plans and that he will tell her who is planning the revolt if she changes her mind.  Ahtea is enraged.  Tarzan states that if O’Rourke and Kai-luk are given immunity and freedom, he will tell her who is behind the revolt.  Because of Tarzan’s defiance, Ahtea has them taken to a public whipping area where they will be beaten to death.

Meanwhile, d’Arnot admits to his captors that he knows of their betrayal.  They take him to a backroom.  Tamor will tell the Shohn about d’Arnot’s disappearance.  They tear off his shirt, tie and gag him.  He tries to call out.  They cut d’Arnot’s arm and soak his shirt with his blood.  Tamor and Poltar will go to lead the advance patrol, but first Tamor will show the king evidence of d’Arnot’s death.

At the public area in front of the palace, Ahtea, Wong, and Jeanette are on a platform over the open area.  Mungo rides Black Maluk.  Tarzan, Terry, and Kai-luk are led toward poles in the ground.  Ahtea tells Wong to question the prisoners.  They must talk, or they will be whipped to death.  They won’t tell Wong anything.  They are tied to the stake.  Elephant noises.  Tarzan notices Black Maluk and shouts, “Tantor!”  Black Maluk throws Mungo to the ground.  All the elephants charge toward the ape-man.  Elephant noises and people screaming.

Episode 32:
Previously on the Fires of Tohr.
Sounds of the crowd mixed with sounds of elephants.  Tarzan cries, “Tantor!”  The crowd flees the charging elephants.  Wong pulls a knife, cuts O’Rourke bonds, gives him the knife, and runs off.  Terry frees Tarzan and Kai-luk.  Tarzan commands the elephants.  Elephant sounds.  The beasts surround them.  Terry and Kai-luk mount Kalu, Black Maluk’s mate.  Tarzan mounts Black Maluk.  The area is deserted, including the royal platform, except for dead bodies.  Yellow warriors start to come from all directions.  Tarzan and his friends head for the elephant paddock.

Meanwhile, Tamor displays d’Arnot blood stained shirt to the council.  He claims to have found it in the lion pit.  Ukah thinks it strange that d’Arnot’s jungle experience did not keep him out of the lion pit.  Tamor states that this releases Ukah from his bonded word.  Ukah says that his word was to Tarzan not to d’Arnot alone.  The attack will still take place.  Tamor requests to lead the advance scout guard.  He is granted this honor.  Back in his quarters, Tamor tells d’Arnot that the council believed his death.  Suddenly, d’Arnot, whose hands are free, grabs a sword.  Tamor wants to know how he got free.  D’Arnot says he cut his bonds and was getting ready to leave when he came back.  Tamor pulls his sword.

Tarzan and his friends hurry toward the paddock.  Yellow warriors are catching up to them.  Tarzan states that he must first keep his word to free the slaves in the jewel pits before they try to escape.  O’Rourke spies warriors in front of them.  They head for a side street, dismount, and enter a building.  Their elephants continue down the street.  They climb the stairs where Kai-luk discovers weapons.  O’Rourke wonders about Wong’s motives, as does Tarzan.  Warriors enter the building.  They spy another set of stairs.  The yellow men spot them.  Warrior voices.  They climb the stairs.  Warrior voices.

Episode 33:
Previously on the Fires of Tohr.
Yellow warrior noises.  They climb out onto the balcony and onto each other’s shoulders to gain the roof.  Tarzan leaps to the roof.  They conceal themselves behind a copping.  The guards can not find them so they leave.  They plan to hide in the elephant paddock and release the slaves tonight.  Kai-luk learns of Ukah’s part in this.  Kai-luk was a member of Ukah’s hunting party, which were captured by the Tohrians.  They head for the paddock.  Musical interlude.

Sounds of a sword fight.  Lt. d’Arnot seriously wounds Tamor and leaves him in the backroom.  The Shohn prepares his men to leave for Tohr.  D’Arnot enters the council chamber.  Alone with the Shohn and Ukah, d’Arnot tells them that Tamor and Poltar are traitors.  He will take them to Tamor's quarters as proof.  He relates his story since he first left the council chambers.  The Shohn is convinced by d’Arnot’s story.  When they get to Tamor's quarters, the traitor is gone.
Musical interlude.

Ahtea is furious.  Mungo states that the elephant took him by surprise.  Ahtea thinks that Tarzan would kill Mungo in a fight.  She no longer has confidence in him.  Ahtea asks Wong how her prisoners got away.  Wong says they were tied up, and when the elephant came, he ran away.  Mungo reports that the prisoners have not been found.  Ahtea tells Mungo to release the hunting lions into the streets.  Ahtea blames Jeanette for all her troubles and has her sent to the Chamber of Serpents.  Jeanette is shut up in a circular chamber.  Snakes noises.  A black king cobra slides out of an opening and toward Jeanette.  Jeanette screams.  Snakes sounds.

Episode 34:
Previously on the Fires of Tohr.
Snake sounds.   Wong arrives.  Gun Shot.  Wong shoots the snake, opens the door, releases Jeanette, and closes the door.  He fears the gunshot may have been heard.  He will take Jeanette to his quarters.  Jeanette asks about Terry. Wong thinks Tarzan can protect him, and he suspects that Tarzan will seek refuge in the elephant paddock.  Once in his quarters, Wong tells Jeanette she will be safe in his quarters, and they must wait for the slaves to revolt.  He leaves to find out what has happen to Tarzan and his companions.
Musical interlude.

What has happened in Rhatohr recently is reviewed.  Ukah spots blood.  The Shohn commands his son to find Tamor and Poltar.  On the way to the council chambers, he tells d’Arnot that the last three battles with Tohr have gone poorly.  D’Arnot questions reveals that Tamor was a part of all of those attacks.  Tamor's mother was a Tohrian captive; thus revenge could be the motive behind his treachery.  The Shohn leads the way into the council chamber and states that the traitors will be fed to the lions.  D’Arnot suggests that Tamor may be blackmailing Poltar because it was his signal that caused Ukah’s capture.  Ukah reports to his father that Tamor and Poltar have escaped on elephants and are headed for the advanced guard.  They prepare to leave for Tohr at once.  Musical interlude.

Tarzan, Terry, and Kai-luk make their way toward the elephant paddock.  Gong.  Kai-luk explains the lion gong.  Gong.  It is a warning to all that the hunting lions are being released onto the city streets.  Lions roar.  They circle to the back of the paddock.  A lion growls.  A huge lion bars their way.  The lion leaps for Kai-luk.  Lion noises.

Episode 35:
Previously on the Fires of Tohr.
Tarzan tells Kai-luk not to run from the lion.  He shouts, “Kreegah!”  Tarzan knocks Kai-luk out of the way.  Lion growls.  The ape-man lands in the lion’s back and repeatedly plunges his knife into numa.  The lion dies.  Tarzan gives the victory cry of the bull ape.  Mungo and his warriors approach.  Tarzan and company climb over the back wall of the paddock.  Black Maluk comes noisily to Tarzan, who quiets him with soft words.  They are safe in the paddock.  Tarzan will stand guard while the others sleep.
Musical interlude.

Meanwhile, Ahtea eagerly waits for news of the success of her hunting lions.  Wong asks about the key.  Ahtea says it was his job to find it.  Wong claims that there have been too many distractions so he has not had time to search for it.  Gong.  Mungo reports that Tarzan has killed Toldo, her great lion, near the elephant paddock, and they have eluded his warriors.  Wong asks if they have searched the paddock.  Mungo says yes.  Ahtea commands Mungo to search everywhere and bring her proof of their deaths.  Mungo departs.  Sound of door opening and closing.  Wong leaves to look for the key.  He goes to his quarters where he informs Jeanette that Terry and the others are safe, and they will now go to the treasure vault.

Meanwhile, Tarzan and company discuss their plans.  They will all go the jewel pits to release the slaves.  They will leave by the back wall.  Sound of a door opening.  O’Rourke spies guards entering the paddock.  Sounds of Mungo and his warriors.  Mungo sees Tarzan and declares that he will kill the ape-man now.  He springs at Tarzan.  Tarzan shouts, “Kreegah!”

Episode 36:
Previously on the Fires of Tohr.
Mixed sounds of warriors, elephants, and screaming yellow men.  Mungo draws his sword.  Tarzan instructs Black Maluk to drive the other warriors from the corral.  Mungo attacks.  Tarzan side steps him, lands on the yellow warrior’s back, and puts a full nelson on him.  Sounds of Mungo in pain.  Tarzan forces him to drop his weapon and to the ground.   Sounds of Mungo in pain.    Tarzan snaps his neck.  He gives the victory cry of the bull ape.  They rush for the back wall.  The guards head for the back of the paddock.  Tarzan and his friends escape but do not try for the jewel pits.
Musical interlude.

 The Rhatohrian army moves on Tohr.  Lt. d’Arnot worries they will not be in time.  Sounds of Ukah shouting commands and the noise of the elephants.  Ukah stops the column less than a mile from the main gate of Tohr.  Sounds of Ukah’s commands are repeated down the line.  Ukah reports to his father that Tamor and Poltar are dead.  The Shohn asks for d’Arnot’s advice on the attack.  The lieutenant suggests a night attack for the surprise element.  The plan will involve a faint attack on the north wall to draw troops away from the main gate where they will concentrate their attack.  Commands are issued.
Musical interlude.

Meanwhile, Tarzan and company arrive at the jewel pits.  Tarzan plans to go over the gate and open it for Terry and Kai-luk.  Tarzan heads for the gate.  Kai-luk answers Terry’s doubts with the statement that a man dies only once.  They see Tarzan going over the gate.  Sound of gate opening.  Tarzan opens the gate.  They enter and close the gate.  Sound of the gate closing.  At first a guard thinks they are yellow men, but quickly he realizes his mistake and shouts a warning.  O’Rourke rushes forward to free the slaves.  Tarzan and Kai-luk will try to hold off the guards.  Sounds of the guards.

Episode 37:
Previously on the Fires of Tohr.
Yellow men screams.  The guards hurry towards them.  Tarzan swings a heavy chain and throws it into the onrushing warriors knocking down the first wave.  Sounds of battle.  Tarzan moves forward to retrieve the chain and instructs the slaves to pick up the weapons of the fallen guards.  They rout the guards.  Tarzan will lead his band of armed slaves to the palace.
Musical interlude.

In the treasure cave, Wong revels in the jewels and gold.  Jeanette hears something.  She feels they were followed.  Wong tells her to take whatever she wants.  She wants nothing.  Wong has all he can carry and makes plans to return for more.  Wong plans to return to his quarters.  Sound of door opening.  Ahtea and Tanya enter.  Ahtea deduces the key was never lost and asks Jeanette how she escaped the serpent.  Jeanette confesses that it was Wong who rescued her, and it was she who stole the key.  Ahtea condemns them to the fires of Tohr, immediately.
Musical interlude.

Meanwhile, a mob of slaves moves on the palace.  O’Rourke points out that the main entrance to the palace is being reinforced.  Tarzan states that they must try to take Ahtea prisoner.  Sound of a commotion.  Some Tohrian warriors leave to defend the walls of Tohr because the Rhatohrians are attacking the walls.  Tarzan says they must open the main gates.  The slaves attack the palace.  Tarzan and Terry make their way toward the main gate.  Yellow warriors spot them and close in.  Sounds of warriors.

Episode 38:
Previously on the Fires of Tohr.
Tarzan and O’Rourke head for the elephant paddock.  They plan to use the elephants against their enemy.  Sounds of elephants.  They open all the corrals.  Tarzan and Terry mount Black Maluk.  Tarzan shouts, “Tantor! Yud!” The elephants follow Black Maluk toward the main gate.  Yellow warrior’s commands are shouted.  The yellow warriors see the elephants coming and attempt to turn them.  Tarzan uses the elephants to hold back the warriors as O’Rourke unlocks the gate.  Tarzan has Tantor push open the gate.  Sound of gate opening.  Lt. d’Arnot and the Rhatohrians rush in.  They move on the palace.
Musical interlude.

Meanwhile, Wong and Jeanette are lead to the Chamber of Sacrifice.  Wong philosophizes.  They hear a disturbance in the streets.  Ahtea sends a guard to investigate.  Sound of the door unlocking.  A warrior reports to Ahtea that Tarzan has killed Mungo, and the slaves are attacking the palace.  Ahtea declares that it is too late for Tarzan to help Jeanette and Wong.
Musical interlude.

Meanwhile, the slaves and Rhatohrian warriors fight at the main palace doors.  Sounds of fighting.  Tarzan leads d’Arnot and Terry to the council chambers only to find it deserted.  Gong and sounds of a Gregorian-type chant.  They realize a ceremony is about to take place in the Hall of Pantu and hurry toward the heavily guarded gates of the hall.   Sounds of a Gregorian-type chant.

Episode 39:
Previously on the Fires of Tohr.
Jeanette cries for help.  Ukah and the Rhatohrian warriors catch up to Tarzan, d’Arnot and O’Rourke, as they travel down the hall.  Tarzan shouts, “Kreegah!”  He leaps into the midst of the guards with sword in hand.  He cleaves a path through them and opens the door.  Sound of door opening.  They enter the chamber.  Sound of door closing.  Jeanette and Ahtea see them.  Ahtea shouts a command to have the lever pulled.  Mantar, a high priest, reaches for the lever.  Tarzan throws his sword through the chest of the priest.  Death scream.  He dies.  Tarzan grabs O’Rourke’s sword.  Ahtea threatens to kill Jeanette with the sacrificial knife, which she holds at her throat.  Tarzan informs her that the city is lost.  Ahtea states she will kill Jeanette unless the army pulls out of the city and Tarzan stay with her.  Wong cautions Tarzan to be weary of Ahtea’s promises.  Wong surreptitiously moves to Ahtea’s side.  D’Arnot tells the Queen that the Rhatohrians may have different plans for her city.  Tarzan tells her he will return to Tohr, if she will put down her knife and release Jeanette and Wong.

Ahtea signals her priests with her eyes.  Ahtea demands that the Rhatohrians leave now.  Tarzan says he can’t speak for the Rhatohrians.  She demands to have the Shohn brought to her, immediately.  Tarzan sends d’Arnot for Ukah.  At Ahtea’s command, the priest leaps for the lever.  Tarzan throws his sword.  Scream.  The dying priest falls on the lever as the other priests run away.  The stone trap in the floor opens.  Rumble.  Ahtea declares that Jeanette will go to her death in the fires of Tohr with the sacrificial knife in her heart.  The fires of Tohr leap up into the room.  Wong knocks Jeanette from the arms of Ahtea.  The Queen plunges the knife into Wong’s back.  Roar of fire.  The wounded oriental grabs onto Ahtea and falls in the fire pit.  Sizzling noises.  Rumble.  The trapdoor closes.  They all make comments on the bravery and friendship of Dr. Wong Tai.  D’Arnot notices a necklace of rubies lying on the trapdoor.  Tarzan decides that Jeanette should keep it.  He says the rest of the treasure should remain where it is.  They all agree.  Jeanette and Terry will go with the Rhatohrians, who will guide them back to civilization.  Tarzan and d’Arnot will continue on their mission to investigate the possible ivory poaching and slave trading of Ackmet.


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