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Issue 0660
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Tarzan and the Fires of Tohr: Radio Spirits Re-issue
Edgar Rice Burroughs'
“The Fires of Tohr”
39-Episode Radio Serial

Summarized by Duane Adams

Episode 1:
Three men and one young woman are all that is left of the Burton-Ashleigh Expedition.  They left Nairobi weeks ago with native fighting men, Swahili trackers, and Uganda carriers.  They are in South-central Africa in search of the ancient and forgotten city of Tohr.  The party consists of Major Burton-Ashleigh, head of the expedition; Jeanette Burton, the Major’s American ward; Terence O’Rourke, a happy-go-lucky adventurer; and Dr. Wong Tai, a Chinese scientist.  Continuous jungle sounds in the background.  They make camp for the night.  Terry and Ashleigh go to look for firewood.  Jeanette is worried that they will not last very long because their bearers have deserted, and they have lost most of their supplies in a river. Terry and Ashleigh return with fire wood and fresh water.  Terry is going back for more water when they hear a horrible scream.  Jeanette spots a hideous yellow face staring at them through the trees.  Terry goes to investigate.

Meanwhile, Tarzan and Paul d’Arnot are on official business from the commissioner to investigate Arab slavers in the area.  They are nearing a water hole.  Tarzan’s instinct guides him despite being in an unknown part of the jungle.  They believe the slavers are associated with an Arab by the name of Ackmet, a suspected slaver and smuggler of ivory.  Tarzan senses smoke and Tarmangani.  He also senses numa and sheeta stalking the white people.  Tarzan carries d’Arnot into the trees.  A black lion stalks Terry. Terry leaps into a tree only to find a leopard in the tree.  Terry wounds the leopard.  Both the leopard and Terry fall to the jungle floor.  As the lion is about to charge, Tarzan and d’Arnot drop to the jungle floor.  D’Arnot shoots the wounded sheeta.  Tarzan jumps in front of the lion and cries, “Kreegah!”

Episode 2:
Previously on the Fires of Tohr:
The lion charges.  As fast as numa is, Tarzan is faster and swings onto the lion’s back.  O’Rourke is amazed by Tarzan’s actions.  Tarzan kills the lion with his knife.  He gives the victory cry of the bull ape.  Tarzan and d’Arnot introduce themselves to Terry. Terry tells them his story about the leopard and the deserted safari.  They head for the camp.  Back at camp, Jeanette is worried.  Ashleigh and the Doctor think the shots they heard were from two different weapons.  As Dr. Tai is about to go to search, Terry comes into the clearing with Tarzan and d’Arnot.  Terry introduces them and tells the tale of his rescue.  Wong disbelieves Tarzan’s feat.  Ashleigh admits that they are lost.  The safari members deserted because of the taboos connect with the area.  Tarzan asks where they are headed.  They tell him that they are in search of the city of Tohr.  Tarzan has never heard of Tohr.  The party has lost all their maps.  Tarzan tells them that they are three weeks from any village in the direction they are going.   He says he will take them to a village three or four days from here.  Tarzan and d’Arnot will stay with them.  A horrible scream is heard.  Tarzan has never heard anything like it before.  Another scream.  Dr. Wong sees a face staring at them.  The monster comes into view.  It has yellow, hairless skin covered with a loincloth.  Its feet end in talon-like claws.  Its small red eyes stare at Jeanette.  It has a low cranium, a protruding jaw, and thick lips.  It carries a twisted cudgel in its left hand and a copper bladed spear in its right hand.  Tarzan steps forward.  The monster screams once more and throws its spear at Tarzan.

Episode 3:
Previously on the Fires of Tohr.
Tarzan screams, “Kreegah!” He ducks the spear.  The creature swings his cudgel.  Tarzan grabs its feet and pulls him down on his knees.  Tarzan leaps onto the monster’s back and stabs it in the neck, killing it.  Tarzan gives the victory cry of the bull ape.  D’Arnot sees blood on Tarzan and fears he has been hurt.  Tarzan goes to wash the blood off his body.  They all comment on the fight.  D’Arnot explains the victory cry of the bull ape and some of Tarzan’s history.  Dr. Wong deduces that Tarzan is a result of his environment.  More of Tarzan’s story is related: being raised by the apes, first sighting of white people, and his journey to Paris and London.  Wong wants to know about Tarzan’s ancestry.  D’Arnot tells them that Tarzan is Lord Greystoke.  They are all surprised.  As Tarzan returns, d’Arnot asks them not to speak about Tarzan’s past.  Tarzan has checked out the area and declares it safe.  Dr. Wong’s states that the beast’s feet are half man and half animal.    Wong asks Tarzan about the leopard men.  Terry points out that the creature has bird-like feet, unlike a leopard.  Tarzan will take the body out into the jungle for dango to eat.  Jeanette is repulsed.  Tarzan easily carries the body into the jungle.  Terry is impressed by Tarzan’s strength.  They prepare to sleep.  D’Arnot and Tarzan will keep watch.  D’Arnot says they will take the party to Ackmet’s village where they can hire guides.  When asked why they have not heard of Tohr, d’Arnot states that there are many legends of lost and ancient cities in Africa.  Tarzan returns.  Drumming noises.  They wake Jeanette because Tarzan wants to take them into the trees for the night.  He has made a place for them to be safe.  Tarzan carries Jeanette up a tree to the platform he has made.  Drumming noises.

Episode 4:
Previously on the Fires of Tohr.
Drumming and jungle noises.  Tarzan states that the drums are war drums and they would be safer in the trees.  Tarzan checks with d’Arnot to be sure that all evidence of the campsite was destroyed.  Tarzan tells d’Arnot that he dropped the body of the yellow creature in the forest, but when he returned to the spot -- the body was gone.  He found claw tracks where the body had been left.  He suspects that the drumming is the drums of the yellow creatures.  Tarzan wants them to stay in the trees until scouts from the yellow people come and discover they have disappeared.  He will go and watch for the scouts.  Afterwards, they will leave the area.

D’Arnot keeps watch but eventually falls asleep. Tarzan returns.  The yellow scouts have come and gone.  They prepare to leave.  They will follow an old elephant trail.  With Jeanette under his arm Tarzan drops to the jungle floor.  When they are all on the ground, Tarzan asks them to be quiet.  Tarzan has them all hold onto his rope so they won’t become separated in the intense blackness.  As the sun rises, the mist slowly lifts.  Tarzan stops the party at a water hole for a rest.  He permits no fire.  They all comment on their fears during the night journey.  Tarzan does not believe they are safe yet so they decide to push onwards.  Tarzan worries about their lack of jungle experience.  Ashleigh makes plans for a second expedition to Tohr.  On the way, they talk of a second expedition.  Jeanette does not want to go with them.  Tarzan tells them to be quiet because he has detected a camp ahead.  Strange noises.  Tarzan pulls back branches revealing a man-made clearing. Jeanette says, “Good Heavens.”

Episode 5:
Previously on the Fires of Tohr.
Guttural voices.  Through the branches they see at least thirty yellow men.  Tarzan surmises that this is a different party of yellow men.  They spot a dugout canoe.  They make a run for the boat with d’Arnot in the lead.  A yellow man scream.  The yellow giants are momentarily surprised but run at an incredible speed toward the canoe.  They manage to cut off the escape of Tarzan and his party.  Gun shots and screams.  They are surrounded.  Tarzan shouts, “Kreegah!”  One of the yellow men charges Tarzan and throws his spear.  He misses.  Tarzan kills him with his knife.  The dead yellow man falls on top of Tarzan pinning him to the ground.  The yellow creatures swarm over Tarzan.  They are all captured.  As they are led toward a fire, they suspect that the yellow men are cannibals.  They are tied back to back in pairs: Ashleigh/Wong, Terry/Jeanette, and Tarzan/d’Arnot.  The yellow men throw their dead into the river.  Crocodiles come to devour them.  The party suspects that the yellow men called the crocs to the area.  The monsters use a hollow log to send a drum message to other yellow men.  A reply is heard in the distance.  Tarzan and d’Arnot work at trying to loosen their bonds.  The yellow men do a dance and shake spears at their captives.  Ashleigh notices that Tarzan and d’Arnot have disappeared.  The remaining prisoners wonder if they will come back to rescue them.  The yellow men notice that two of their prisoners are missing.  They threaten the remaining captives.  They cut O’Rourke loose, bring him down to the river, and call the crocodiles.  Crocodile noises.

Episode 6:
Previously on the Fires of Tohr.
Dr. Wong looks into he trees and sees Tarzan.  The yellow men throw O’Rourke into the river.  Tarzan screams, “Kreegah,” as he swings on a vine out over the river.  With his legs Tarzan snatches O’Rourke out of the water and from the mouth of a crocodile.  The Ashleigh party doesn’t believe their eyes.  The yellow men stand motionless.  As the yellow men are distracted, d’Arnot sneaks over to the remaining captives.  Tarzan screams, “Kreegah!”  The yellow savages follow Tarzan up river.  D’Arnot frees the prisoners.  They head for the dugout and reclaim their weapons.  The yellow men notice their attempt to escape and quickly rush back to the campsite.  The former prisoners struggle getting the boat into the water.  They start to paddle downstream.  They spy Terry running along the bank.  The yellow men, as well as the crocodiles, are closing in on them.  Terry manages to make it into the boat.  Drums noises.  They deduce the drums are probably broadcasting the news of their escape.  The yellow men continue to follow them along the shore.  Tarzan drops out of a tree into the water and swims to join them.  They comment on Tarzan’s rescue of O’Rourke.  Tarzan spies yellow men on the other side of the river.  Around a bend, the river appears to stop at a wall.  Caves in the cliff wall contain hundreds of yellow men.  They make for an opening at the base of the wall.  The river goes under the cliff at this point.  They fire at the yellow men who throw rocks down at them.  Sounds of the battle.

Episode 7:
Previously on the Fires of Tohr.
Sounds of the battle.  A huge rock thrown from above nearly hits them.  Gunfire.  They duck as they enter the Stygian dark opening.  Musical interlude.  Ahead of them, they see a light, moonlight.  They have traveled all day in the tunnel.  They duck once more as they come out on the other side of the mountain.  Sheer cliffs surround the river.  Tarzan doesn’t believe they are being followed.  Soon the river begins to widen.  Wong speculates that some taboo has kept the yellow men from following them.  Wong and Ashleigh believe the yellow men are descendants of cavemen.  D’Arnot informs them that they are coming out into a jungle.  Animal noises.  Tarzan tells them to listen.  They hear a waterfall ahead.  They struggle towards land but are pulled out into the middle of the swift river.  O’Rourke’s paddle breaks.  Tarzan spies a branch overhead and leaps into the trees.  The canoe rushes toward the falls.  They see Tarzan falling from the trees clinging to a broken vine.

Episode 8:
Previously on the Fires of Tohr.
Tarzan swings down onto land, runs along the shore, and out onto a tree that hangs over the edge of the waterfall.  He throws his rope down to the dugout canoe.  They catch it and hold on tight.  This stops the canoe from plunging over the edge.  Tarzan pulls them to shore.  Jeanette faints.  They give her some brandy.  O’Rourke and d’Arnot go the gather wood for a fire.  Ashleigh and Wong give Jeanette hope that they will make it out safely.  D’Arnot sings as he brings back wood.  O’Rourke is with Tarzan who has killed a waterbuck for food.  After eating, Tarzan says he will take the first watch.  At dawn, Tarzan awakens them.  They eat and look for a path down the cliff to the river below the falls.  O’Rourke alerts them to a well-worn trail down the cliff.  Tarzan believes it is man-made because a part of the path cuts through solid rock.  Tarzan and d’Arnot take the lead.  Tarzan reads signs that the path has been used recently.  Tarzan says he will take to the trees and scout out the area.  People come up the path.  They are surrounded.  Jeanette thinks it is the yellow men.  Wong notices that their feet are not the same as the other yellow men.  O’Rourke is going to fire on them.  Tarzan shouts, “No! ...  Stand still!”

Episode 9:
Previously on the Fires of Tohr.
Yellow giants surround them.  Wong comments that they look more curious than hostile.  The leader speaks to Tarzan.  His language is difficult to understand, but they make out that the leader’s name is Mungo.  Tarzan introduces himself.  They discover Mungo understands English.  Mungo says he will take them to Ahtea, their Queen.  He also wants them to surrender their firesticks.  A discussion follows, and they decide to comply.  They follow Mungo.  He says Ahtea will talk with them.  O’Rourke wants to fight and try to escape.  D’Arnot convinces him to go along with the situation for the time being to protect Jeanette.  Because they understand English, d’Arnot believes they have had contact with English speaking white men, and that they must be of a higher genetic material than the claw-footed yellow men.  Wong suggests the two groups of yellow men are somehow related, possibly a genetic experiment or a grafting experiment.  They follow an elephant path away from the river.  They come across yellow men riding elephants.  They are to ride elephants to Ahtea.  The entire day elephants carry them.  Finally, they reach a valley, which contains the city of Ahtea.  The gates to the city open, and they enter.  They dismount and are led into a circular chamber.  Mungo goes to inform the Queen of their arrival.  He returns to bring them to Ahtea.

Episode 10:
Previously on the Fires of Tohr.
The party follows Mungo.  O’Rourke still wants to try to escape.  They speculate as to their fate.  They cross a bridge to a central building, which is a natural structure.  As they enter a corridor, they speculate about Ahtea.  Tarzan tells d’Arnot that this reminds him of the Temple of Azur.  The corridor contains murals depicting hunting scenes and battles scenes.  The guards open the door to the throne room of Ahtea, and they enter.  The beautiful Ahtea unveils her face - she is a white woman.  The Queen stares at them.  She asks them why they are in front of the Queen of Tohr.  Ashleigh is surprised to realize they are in Tohr.  She questions Tarzan who introduces himself.  She asks if the King of the tribe of Kerchak can protect his people from Ahtea.  He says yes.  She asks him if Jeanette is his mate.  Not totally believing his answer, she asks Jeanette if she is Tarzan’s mate.  She also answers no.  Ahtea questions Wong because he looks different from the others.  He tells her they were seeking Tohr and expecting to find ruins.  Ahtea tells them Tohr has existed for over a thousand years, and if she dies before mating, a yellow man will become king.  All of Tohr speaks English.  Tarzan presses the Queen to decide their fate now.  Gong.  Mungo enters with Tongo, chief of the claw-footed yellow men.  He demands his right, as chief of the outer guard, to avenge the death of his men with personal combat.  Ahtea will uphold the law.  The duel will happen immediately.  Tongo laughs and swings his cudgel at Tarzan.

Episode 11:
Previously on the Fires of Tohr.
Tarzan screams, “Kreegah,” as he springs forward.  Tarzan sidesteps the yellow man again and again.  Tongo grabs a sword.  Tarzan slips under the slashing blade and stabs him.  Tongo dies.  Tarzan gives the victory cry of the bull ape.  The Ashleigh party comments on Tarzan.  Tarzan wants to know their fate.  Ahtea says they will be her guests, but they can not leave the city.  Ahtea tells them to follow her.  She tells Mungo to bring a prisoner to the Hall of Pantu.  She leads them to a round chamber with a gold statue, which has a lion’s head, a man’s body, and clawed feet.  The idol holds a grill.  There is a square block in the floor directly below the grill.  They notice a gold and the diamond necklace on the Queen.  They wonder where it comes from.  Ahtea tells them they are in the Hall of Sacrifice where her people worship Pantu, the god of fire.  She explains that the hall is a natural chamber, which contains the fires of Tohr below the chamber.  Mungo enters the chamber and places a convicted spy on the grill in the arms of Pantu.  The party objects to the sacrifice.  Tarzan states that they will not watch.  Ahtea has the guards seize them.  Mungo places a sword at Tarzan’s throat. If they resist, Ahtea will have Tarzan’s friends fed to Pantu.  Ahtea strikes a gong three times.  Twelve priests, carrying blue flaming torches, enter and circle the statue of Pantu three times.  Ahtea pulls a lever; a hole in the floor opens; a blue roaring flame leaps into the air; a piercing scream is heard; Ahtea closes the stone trap door; and the twelve priest leave.  Ahtea looks at Tarzan and Jeanette to see their reaction.  The spy was totally consumed by the flame.  Ahtea states that this will be their fate if they do not obey the laws or bend to her will.  Ahtea wishes Tarzan to be king of the yellow men and her mate.  She asks Tarzan if he will agree to her demands.

Episode 12:
Previously on the Fires of Tohr.
Tarzan says he will give her his answer tomorrow.  Mungo takes them to their quarters.  They think about escape.  There are guards outside their door.  They all agree that Tarzan should not submit to the Queen’s demands.  After eating, they speculate that their chances of surviving are not good even if Tarzan agrees to Ahtea’s demands.  Wong shows interest in the gold and jewels of Tohr.  Jeanette refuses to sleep in the other room.  They deduce the sacrifice was a threat and a show of Ahtea’s power.  Their options are discussed.  They all agree that they must keep a close watch on Jeanette because of Ahtea’s jealously.  Mungo enters to deliver Tarzan and Wong to Ahtea.  D’Arnot suspects a trap.  As the summoned prisoners leave, those remaining behind wonder why Wong was included in the summons.  D’Arnot asks pointed questions about the Ashleigh party members.  D’Arnot notes Wong’s interest in the diamonds worn by the Queen.

Meanwhile, Tarzan and Wong are being escorted to Ahtea.  They are led to a room.  Mungo says Ahtea is in the room.  Tarzan and Wong enter.  A lion is loose in the room, and the door is locked preventing their escape.  Tarzan yells, “Kreegah!”

Episode 13:
Previously on the Fires of Tohr.
The lion springs.  Suddenly, numa falls to the floor.  A metal collar and chain about its neck has halted its leap.  Ahtea laughs and enters the Cave of Pleasure.  Toldo, the great lion, is the guardian of the treasures of Tohr.  Ahtea says Tarzan may have to face Toldo some day.  She attempts to seduce Tarzan with the treasures of Tohr.  Wong tries to persuade Tarzan to accept.  She attempts to seduce Tarzan with her beauty and with the lure of power.  Tarzan asks about the fate of the others.  He demands the release of his friends from the city, only then will he discuss his staying.  Furthermore, he states that he must be the one to lead them to safety.  Afterwards, he would return to Tohr.  Ahtea says she will give him her answer tomorrow.  Wong asks about the mines of Tohr.  He wants to see them.  As Tarzan leaves, Wong hints to Ahtea that Tarzan is in love with Jeanette.

Meanwhile, back in the room, they discuss Ahtea’s beauty and her viciousness.  Tarzan and Wong return.  Tarzan tells them of the events at the Caves of Pleasure.  They object to Tarzan’s plan of returning to Tohr after they are safe.  Tarzan would keep his word, but says that it does not mean he would stay in Tohr very long.  Tarzan suggests that they get some sleep.  Musical interlude.  Dawn comes, as does Mungo who brings them to Ahtea in the audience chamber.  Ahtea’s decision is that they may leave but Tarzan must stay, willingly.  Tarzan asks what happens if he does not.  She replies, if not, then no one would be allowed leave.  Tarzan would be sacrificed to Pantu; the men would be tortured; and Jeanette’s fate would be...  Ahtea wants them to see Jeanette’s fate.  In an arena below them, an unarmed yellow giant is released.  At the other end of the arena Toldo is released.  With everyone’s attention on the arena, Ahtea pushes Jeanette into the arena.  The yellow man catches her.  Toldo charges.

Episode 14:
Previously on the Fires of Tohr.
Tarzan shouts, “Kreegah,” as he leaps onto Toldo’s back.  Toldo tries to dislodge the ape-man.  Tarzan kills the lion with his knife.  He gives the victory cry of the bull ape.  The yellow man who caught Jeanette is Ukah from Rhatohr.  Tarzan introduces himself.  Ukah pledges his loyalty to Tarzan.  Ahtea is furious.  Mungo and his soldiers surround Tarzan, Jeanette, and Ukah.  The guards are in awe of Tarzan’s feat.  They deliver their prisoners the Ahtea.  She sentences Tarzan to death; however, she will allow them to live if Tarzan agrees to stay in Tohr as her mate.  She demands his immediate answer.  They discuss their options.  The party does not want Tarzan to accept.  Wong does not participate in the discussion.  Ahtea has Mungo take the party away except for Wong.  Ahtea wants Wong’s council.  The party questions Wong’s loyalties.  Tarzan talks with Ukah.  Jeanette tells them that she was pushed into the arena.  They surmise that Ahtea will have them all killed one at a time.

Meanwhile, Ahtea questions Wong.  Wong pledges loyalty to Ahtea and flatters her with compliments.  Ahtea desires Wong’s council but that will come later.  In the meantime, he will be given freedom within the city.

As they are led to the top of a wall, Tarzan and Ukah talk.  Tarzan signals d’Arnot to be prepared for action.  Tarzan fakes tripping and knocks Mungo off the wall.  Ukah attacks the guards.  Ashleigh and O’Rourke join the melee.  Tarzan shouts, “Kreegah,” and charges the guards.

Episode 15:
Previously on the Fires of Tohr.
Sounds of fighting and screaming yellow men.  Numbers over-power them.  D’Arnot and Ukah are missing.  Tarzan tells the others he will explain later.  Mungo asks about the missing men.  Ahtea and Wong arrive on the scene.  Mungo explains to his Queen what happened.  Ahtea orders a search of the city.  Ahtea asks Tarzan about the escape attempt.  Tarzan says he merely stumbled and accidentally knocked Mungo off the wall.  Ahtea asks about d’Arnot and Ukah. Wong interjects that this must have been a pre-planned attempt by Tarzan as a diversion.  O’Rourke threatens Wong.  Ahtea sends them all to the dungeons.

Meanwhile, d’Arnot and Ukah watch from the top of a tower.  D’Arnot asks Ukah about Tarzan’s plan.  Ukah tells him that they will go to his city, Rhatohr, to bring his father, the Shohn, and his warriors for an assault on Tohr.  D’Arnot fears there will not be enough time.  Tarzan and Ukah chose d’Arnot for the job because of his military skills.  At night, they start to descend the walls.  They hear elephants coming - the Tohrian jungle guard.  They try to wait until they pass.  Noises of elephants and brush breaking.  D’Arnot loses his grip and falls to the ground.  The last mounted elephant guard approaches.

Meanwhile, Tarzan and his friends are led to the dungeon.  Ahtea promises they won’t be there long -- their deaths will come tomorrow.  Wong suggests to Tarzan that he submit to Ahtea’s terms.  He is sure d’Arnot and Ukah will be recaptured.  Tarzan refuses, and O’Rourke threatens Wong.  He charges the oriental.  Wong fires his pistol.  Pistol shot.

Episode 16:
Previously on the Fires of Tohr.
The guards throw O’Rourke’s body into the cave and lock the door.  They believe O’Rourke to be dead.  Tarzan says he will agree to Ahtea’s plans, if she will agree to let him take care of Wong.  Wong tells them that he only wounded the Irishman because it was his only way to stop him.  He asks if he can tell Ahtea that Tarzan will agree to her conditions.  Tarzan answers that he will tell her himself, if O’Rourke dies.  Wong departs.  They discover Terry was only grazed in the head.  Tarzan carries him to a water basin.  O’Rourke revives.  Jeanette is overly concerned about Terry.  Tarzan takes the torch to inspect the cave.  O’Rourke reveals his love for Jeanette.  She admits that she loves him.  They join the Major who is looking up at Tarzan.  The ape-man has climbed to the ceiling and has found a ledge and a tunnel in the back wall.  Tarzan carries them one at a time up to the ledge.  With a torch in hand, they enter the tunnel.

Meanwhile, the mounted Tohrian looks at the fallen d’Arnot.  Ukah drops onto the Tohrian, knocks him off his elephant, and stabs him.  His scream alerts the other yellow men who turn their elephants around and rush forward.  Ukah leaps to help d’Arnot.  They are recaptured, put on elephants, and taken to Ahtea.  Wong wants to know if it was Tarzan’s plan that allowed them to escape.  Ahtea asks d’Arnot if it was Tarzan’s plan.  He says no.  Ukah declares that it was his plan.  The Queen says they will die immediately.  They are to be chained together and cast into the fires of Tohr from the bridge of Tohr.

Following the tunnel, Tarzan and his company come to a chamber with many openings leading in multiple directions.  They heard voices.  Someone is approaching.  They chose one of the corridors and enter.  A scream of a leopard is heard as well as the sounds of voices.  O’Rourke spots a black leopard chained to a wall.  The sound of men behind them slowly increases in volume as the leopard continues to screech.

Episode 17:
Previously on the Fires of Tohr.
Trapped between the yellow men and a black leopard, the party tries to decide what to do.  They notice that sheeta is guarding a passageway.  Tarzan moves forward.  Sheeta leaps.  The ape-man dodges sheeta and grabs its chain to halt the lunge.  Quickly, he is on the leopard’s back.  While Tarzan holds the leopard at bay, the others rush into the corridor it was guarding.  Tarzan backs up to the passageway as the yellow men approach.  He drops sheeta and hurries to his companions.  They wonder about Wong, d’Arnot, and Ukah.  Tarzan informs them about the plan to have the Rhatohrian warriors attack the city.  They notice the heat increasing as they proceed further and further into the corridor.  They hear the rumbling noise of fire.  They come to a pillar of blue flame.  Bars at the end of passageway block their way.  The fire leaps up to and through a square block in the ceiling.  A screaming yellow man drops through the opening and down into a lake of fire.  They realize that they are directly below the Chamber of Sacrifice.  They notice a natural stone bridge across the pit of fire and a barred passageway on the other side.  Tarzan tries to find a way to open the gate.  O’Rourke accidentally discovers how to open the gate.  Tarzan carries Jeanette cross the bridge.  O’Rourke discovers how to open the gate on the opposite side of the bridge.  They proceed down the corridor to another passageway.  They hear the voices of two yellow men approaching.  They have d’Arnot and Ukah chained between them.

Episode 18:
Previously on the Fires of Tohr.
The party hides thus allowing the guards and their prisoners to pass.  They jump the guards from behind.  Sounds of a fight.  They knock the guards unconscious and free their friends.  As they chain up the guards, d’Arnot tells them that they were to be thrown into the fires of Tohr.  They gag the guards.  Tarzan leads them up the corridor.  They relate their stories to each other since they became separated.

Ahtea and Wong discuss the fate of Tarzan and his companions.  The Queen says that Tarzan’s death will be a lingering one.  Wong says that Ahtea won’t hurt Tarzan because she is in love with him.  He councils her that killing Tarzan’s friends will only breed the ape-man’s hatred not love.  Gong.  Mungo enters with the two guards who were knocked unconscious.  He informs Ahtea that Tarzan has rescued d’Arnot and Ukah.  The Queen sends search parties into the caves.

 Tarzan leads his friends through the underground maze up to an iron-studded door.  Ukah discovers the secret of how to open it.  Inside is an ancient armory, which includes their rifles and Tarzan’s bow and rope.  They hear guards coming so they hide.  Because of the open door, Ahtea sends Mungo and his warriors into the armory.  Tarzan tells his friends to get ready because the warriors are coming.

Episodes 19-39 are summarized in ERBzine 0661
Background from the Editor
The ERB Inc. serial - Tarzan and the Diamond of Asher - was a definite improvement over the Tarzan of the Apes run but despite featuring much stronger characters, plot, action, acting, announcing, and production values, apparently Asher was a hard sell. Unfortunately, very few stations, if any, broadcast the second of the new series: Tarzan and the Fires of Tohr. Tohr was never novelized but was adapted to comic strip form and ran from February 20 through August 26 in 1937 and later it was adapted by Thompson for a Hogarth 1948 strip. The story was also adapted for a 1947 Dell comic book.

While investigating the illegal activities of slave traders and ivory smugglers, Tarzan and his friend, Paul D'Arnot save a member of the Burton-Ashleigh Expedition from death. After learning that the expedition is lost, Tarzan agrees to lead the group out of the jungle. Little do they realize however, that they will soon be captured by a strange yellow race, and taken to the lost city of Tohr... There they face the dangers of the arena, rogue elephants and sacrifice to the Fires of Tohr—the result of a hidden lake of volcanic fire that shoots up through a pit to the very arms of the temple god, an idol carved in the likeness of a lion. Befriending the son of the ruler of a rival city who is held as a slave in Tohr, Tarzan and his friends face death at every turn. Love, hate, jealousy, and political intrigue—as well as courage and loyalty—all play parts in this thrilling serial produced under the personal direction of Edgar Rice Burroughs.

(This series of 15-minutes installments was transcribed but never released for broadcast. )

Tarzan and the Fires of Tohr #161 ~1947 Dell Comic

Radio Serial No. 3

          Director: Fred Shields
          Announcer: John McIntire ? Fred Shields
          Episodes 1-39 copyrighted 1936
          Tarzan ...................................... Carlton Kadell
          Wong Tai ................................. Cy Kendall
          Ahtea ....................................... Barbara Luddy
          D'Arnot .................................... Ralph Scott
          Ashleigh .................................... Victor Rodman ? Vernon Steele
          O'Rourke.................................. Gale Gordon ? Jack Lewis
          Janette ...................................... Dale Nash
          Ukah ........................................ Dan Davies
          Kailuk ...................................... Ted Meyers
          Shahn ....................................... John Prince
          Temur ....................................... Fred Mackaye
          Smith and Poltar ........................ Thomas Freebairn
          Burton........................................ Victor Rodman

Carlton Kadell
Gale Gordon and Joan Burroughs Pierce
Carlton Kadell went on to star in shows such Red Ryder, Armstrong of the SBI and many soap operas.

Cy Kendall became a well-known  character actor in movies such as Laura  and the circus owner in Tarzan's New York Adventure. Some of his other appearances were in Boston Blackie, Andy Hardy, MacDonald / Eddy, Roy Rogers and John Wayne movies. 

Gale Gordon appeared on countless shows moving on to feature roles in shows such as Our Miss Brooks, The Lucy Show, and Dennis the Menace. He also did stage work and had roles in an eclectic string of movies featuring: Edgar Bergen/Charlie McCarthy, the Great Gildersleeve, Jerry Lewis, Francis the Talking Mule, Ricky Nelson, Pat Boone, and Elvis.

Duane Adams
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