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TREASURE VAULT  ~ 1934.11.11
As the savage thrust his spear at Tarzan, a thunderous voice boomed out. The warrior halted as if turned to stone. Then Dester Molu, the white sailor who had become god-king of the waioris, appeared at the cage and pointed his revolver at the ape-man. Tarzan, believing he was about to fire, seized a warrior as a shield. "Release him," cried Dester, "or I shall kill your ape!"

To save the life of Bohgdu, Tarzan freed the savage. Then at Dester's command, the warriors left the cage and bolted the door. "At a proper time you shall die," said Dester Molu. "Come here! I'll show you why no man shall ever leave this island alive."  Tarzan stepped forward. In the opposite wall he saw a series of niches, filled with a fabulous fortune in jewels. "Some day," Dester Chuckled, "I shall return to the world -- the richest of men. But now this isle must guard my secret."

Meanwhile, the news spread that Tarzan had been trapped, and the villagers went mad with joy, for Dester had called him the evil one. Soon a medicine man of the tribe descended to the underground vault. He made obeisance and spoke excitedly to the god-king. Dester Molu turned to Tarzan. "The people ask that you be delivered to them, so they may deal with you as I have taught them to deal with all my enemies."

Tarzan answered coolly: "I am sure you will not deny them the favor."

"No!" cried Dester. "They shall have you -- to torture, and kill!"  Above, the savage shouts of the villagers rose to a peak of frenzy. Tarzan heard and knew that his hour of doom was near!

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