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Volume 5998

When they fell into the deep narrow pit, Bohgdu roared angrily, bewilderedly; but Tarzan at once sought a plan of escape. At his master's command Bohgdu crouched, his great paws cupped together before him. Tarzan ran forward, stepped into the ape's paws, and Bohgdu flung him strongly upward. The ape-man reached out desperately to grasp the edge of the pit, but he was far short. He fell back again into Bohgdu's arms. They started then to explore the farther reaches of the trench as Tarzan tested the smooth masonry with his knife. When they came to the end of the moat, a door opened mysteriously. Cautiously Tarzan stepped on to a platform at the threshold. Suddenly the door flew open, the platform tilted violently and Tarzan and Bohgdu were catapulted into a cage-like chamber. 

As if by magic, Waiori warriors rushed upon them. But when they saw the ape they were stricken with fear of the strange beast. Tarzan seized the opportunity to attack and Bohgdu joined him in the fierce charge. The savages rushed to the door of the cage, but in the confusion they could not open it. Then some of them turned to fight. Tarzan's keen knife accounted for two of them and Bohgdu's strong hands closed about the throat of another. Finally one of the warriors tripped Tarzan. He fell and a spearman rushed upon him from behind.

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