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Volume 5993

HOSTILE ARROW ~ 1934.09.30
While the roars of the pursuing beasts echoed through the ravine Tarzan essayed the perilous ascent of the boulder that blocked the passage. When he reached the top he gave a helping hand to the bulky Bohgdu. But a foothold crumbled under the weight of the ape. He fell, and dragged Tarzan with him into the path of the charging animals. The ape-man sprang up and drew his knife. He met the snarling leopard which was in the lead. Soon three of the animals lay dead. But in the narrow canyon Tarzan could not fight long in this fashion without grave danger of defeat. . . and death. He called to Bohgdu to mount the boulder, and the great ape picked his way cautiously upward. Tarzan followed; while the beasts scrambled over the carcasses after their enemies. But now Tarzan and Bohgdu took to the tall trees, and the beasts began to wander away into the forest, seeking easier prey. When the fugitives returned to the ship, they found it breaking up on the rocks. So they transferred the travelers hastily to shore. Then, while Bohgdu kept watch from t he treetops, Tarzan led h is party cautiously toward the unknown interior, to find food and shelter. Suddenly the ape cried out in fear at what he saw in the distance. At the same moment, an arrow whirred past Tarzan's head!


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