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Volume 5990

When Tarzan spurred the horse forward to elude the Sultan's soldiers, he found himself plunging over a hidden precipice, into the sea. "Cling fast to me!" he cried to Princess Mihrama.

Then he leaped free of the horse and turned downward in a dive, while the maiden held tightly to him. They dropped safely into the sea, but when Tarzan sought some refuge on the land, he saw he could not climb the sheer rock. They swam around the cliff, but the broad beach was filling with soldiers and a hostile mob. In desperation Tarzan turned toward the open sea.. Approaching the land was a strange vessel. The captain called to them, offering a haven on board. Soon they were aboard, and when Tarzan inquired what manner of ship this was, the captain replied: "We trade in jungle animals for those lands where they are seldom seen."

Princess Mihrama was overjoyed when she learned that the first port of call was to be Talarsan, capital city of her father's kingdom. But she had a foreboding of danger when the captain took her to the hold and proudly exhibited the cages of growling beasts. An hour later, when the vessel was sailing near an island, a sudden wind drove it on the rocky shore. The ship shivered -- and cracked! The crash twisted the timbers of the cages. The doors sprang open -- and the beasts were free to wreak jungle vengeance on their captors! The ship resounded with frenzied roars, and the beasts quickly found their way to the deck, where Tarzan stepped forth to face their raging  onslaught!

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