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Volume 5988

When Sultan Bahdin discovered that the mysterious maiden was Princess Mihrama, daughter of his enemy, he decreed that she be executed. Tarzan, enraged by this injustice, sprang at the Sultan's throat crying: "Jackal! You promised us freedom!"

But powerful guards seized the reckless ape-man and the sultan ordered that he too must die for daring to question the royal command. Tarzan and the terrified maiden were led away to the execution chamber. Where the headsman even now was sharpening his monstrous scimitar. The Sultan commanded the princess: "Kneel, and lay your head upon the block!"

Then Tarzan saw his chance. With the swiftness of lightning he seized the executioner's sword, and with it faced his enemies. The Sultan and his henchmen ran screaming down the corridor that led to the throne hall. There Tarzan found the exits blocked by soldiers. The Sultan shouted orders to take the fugitives alive. For in his cruel frenzy he desired to execute them with his own hand! So Tarzan rushed to a window and shattered it with this great sword. With the princess in his arms he leaped to the courtyard, enclosed by a stone wall that bristled with steel spikes. But the outer guard of the palace had heard the alarm, and charged across the court to seize the fugitives!

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