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Volume 5987

TARZAN'S COMBAT ~ 34.08.19
By the Sultan's command Tarzan prepared to meet Housan, Champion Wrestler of the Realm. If he won, he and the maiden would go free -- if he lost, they would lose their heads! The Great Hall filled with high officials of the court, who had been invited to witness the spectacular combat. In a shadowy corner stood the maiden, closely guarded, awaiting the battle that would determine her mate. Then the Sultan gave the signal to begin! Housan made a flying leap at the ape-man, but Tarzan stepped lightly aside, and the massive wrestler fell sprawling to the floor. Housan arose, and the two combatants soon were locked in a furious struggle. 

The awkward giant, accustomed to quick victory by force of his weight, grew weary under the wiry ape-man's attack. Then Tarzan drew Housan off balance and threw him to the floor. At last the Great Hall rang with Tarzan's ape-cry of victory. The maiden ran forth to Tarzan, happy that his quest had won their freedom. Now they could journey in peace to her beloved homeland.

Just then the Grand Vizier saw her. He cried: "She is Princess Mihrama, daughter of the Sultan of Palazar, our enemy! Do not let her escape!"

In fury the Sultan shouted: "I have sworn to rid the earth of Palazar and his kin! Fate has delivered his daughter into my hands. I shall begin with her.

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