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Volume 5985

Through the long night Tarzan pitted his strength against the angry sea, with little hope that he and the maiden would ever see land again. But as dawn filtered through the darkness, the sea grew calm, and the rising sun revealed in the distance a city of dazzling splendor. They came at last to the white beach, where they rested and recovered their strength. Then they went into the city to seek out a caravan bound for Talarsan, where the maiden's father ruled as sultan. In the bazaar, the girl inquired of a merchant what city this was, and he answered: "Our city is called Sanabar."

In Terror, the girl whispered to Tarzan: "Here dwells the Sultan Bahdin, who is at war with my father!"

They hurried to escape from the city, for if the maiden were discovered she would be taken prisoner. But as they fled a mounted herald patrolled the streets, crying: "To your knees! The Sultan rides forth!"

The people knelt and bowed for the populace was forbidden to look upon the face of their monarch. But Tarzan stood upright. He bowed to no man! Then when the royal procession passed, the maiden could not resist her desire to gaze upon the fierce visage of her father's enemy.

The Sultan's cruel eyes fell upon the two strangers and he demanded: "Who are they who dare to scorn the royal edict? Seize them!" The guards advanced to seize them, but Tarzan stood ready to resist the might of the Sultan to save the maiden and himself from capture!"

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