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Volume 5984

SEA DOOM ~ 34.07.29 ~ #177

When Tarzan saw the ship was doomed, he bent his mighty strength against his chains but they would not yield. His fellow slaves cried out in terror: "Unloose our shackles! If we must die, let us die like men, not rats!" The cowardly slave master paid no heed to their cries, but ran to save himself. As he passed by, Tarzan tripped him and he fell at the ape-man's feet. While he pinned the tyrant down with one foot, Tarzan thrust the shaft of his oar into the flames.

Soon it was burned through, and only the handle remained chained to his arms. Thus freed from the ponderous oar, the ape-man seized the slave master's keys and unlocked his own shackles, and those of the slave behind him. Knowing that the bondmen could now free themselves, Tarzan ran in search of the maiden, to whom he had pledged his aid. In her flame-fringed cabin he found her swooned on a couch that soon would have been her fiery coffin. Tarzan carried her to the swaying deck, and lashed her to a spar. They left the doomed ship and went down into the angry sea. But when night came on, Tarzan wondered if their escape from t he ship had not merely prolonged their final agonies.


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