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Volume 5983

When the superstitious sailors hurled the maiden into the sea believing that she had brought the storm upon them Tarzan struggled free from his captors and dived into the raging waters to save her. She was nearly within his grasp when a surging wave cast her away again. But at last he reached her side, gripped her firmly, and began the perilous return to the ship, where he knew not what fate awaited them. There the Arab captain ordered them hauled aboard by the windlass. 

On deck, Tarzan stood ready to protect the girl, but he found that those who had menaced her were now in irons. The ape-man demanded that he be freed from his slavery as a reward for rescuing the maiden. But the slave merchant feared Tarzan's miraculous strength and daring, and ordered him chained again to the oar. Then the tempest broke in all its fury. Towering waves washed over the deck. and many of the evil crew were flung into the sea. A fiery bold of lightning struck the vessel and split her side, so that she began to sink? And leaping flames, started by the lightning, spread over the foundering ship!

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