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Volume 5979


When Tarzan saw that the cavern exit from this strange Egyptian land was barred by wild beasts he looked to the precipitous mountains and wondered if he could scale those grim, towering peaks. In a nearby jungle grove he chose the strongest vines and plaited them into a supple rope to aid him in his perilous journey. Then he found a crevice in the rocks and worked his way slowly upward, knowing that a false step would hurl him to his doom. At last he mounted a narrow ledge, where his progress seemed blocked. Tarzan fashioned a lasso of his vine rope, flung it around a jagged rock, and struggled upward. 

Toward evening he reached the loftiest ridge. There he remained through the night, and at dawn he began the dangerous descent down the other side. When he neared the end of his mountainous journey Tarzan looked down upon a vista of the sea, and in a hidden cove he saw a strange ship. As he lowered himself from a thin, jutting crag, the rock broke, and the ape-man hurtled dizzily through space! He straightened his body into a perfect dive, and plunged safely into the sea. He crossed the narrow beach, happy to be at home again in the jungle. But suddenly the forest echoed and wild angry shouts, and a  maiden, strangely attired, ran toward him, a cry on her lips -- a cry for deliverance from some frightful danger.


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