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Volume 5975

As special penalty for burning the sacred symbol of Maat, Tarzan was led, away to the House of Death, to await execution. Here skilled workmen hammered out death masks of gold, fashioned coffins, and prepared mummies for the tomb, while priests chanted magic incantations. Tarzan was left free to pace these gloomy chambers, so that his tortured mind might dwell on his approaching fate. In the sixth hour of the day came news of the death of Prince Menotep, general of the army and kinsman of the pharaoh. Soon the artisans were laboring zealously to fit out a funeral worthy of his rank. . . and Tarzan was forgotten. Then came the night before the entombment. In the deserted workroom, Tarzan gazed upon the royal mummy case, and conceived a dangerous plan. 

Through the mummy case he pierced small holes to give air and vision. Then he disguised himself as a mummy, and descended into the coffin, from which he planned to escape when it was carried out. The pallbearers who came at dawn believed all was in readiness, and bore away the coffin and stone sarcophagus. But outside, an escort of soldiers encircled the bier for the solemn march to the funeral barge. Thus escape was blocked! And Tarzan knew that discovery of his deception would bring tortures more horrible than living burial!

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