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Volume 5974

With anxious hearts, the multitude heard the high priest Haithoreb command Tarzan to choose one of the sacred caskets, saying, "If you are without blame in the death of my men, the Goddess of Justice will guide you to the casket where lies the token of innocence. Choose!"

The Ape-man saw he could not escape this unjust trial, but he believed he had an equal chance to choose aright. He stepped forward. Then Tutamken feigned a fit of coughing, in the midst of which he uttered the monkey cry of warning, for in his boyhood he had learned the monkey language. The Ape-man heard and understood, and he knew some trickery was afoot. His arrow-swift wit told him now that each casket contained a token of guilt! But firmly he seized one of the sacred boxes, while Haithoreb smiled artfully, for now his enemy was surely trapped!

Then Tarzan flung the casket into the fire-urn, crying: "This one I choose! Open the other! Whichever token it contains is the opposite of my choice!"

The high priest could do naught but obey and lift on high the symbol of guilt from the rejected chest. The spectators cheered Tarzan for they believed the chosen casket had contained the sign of innocence and Haithoreb could not deny it. The Ape-man thought himself free, but the old scribe, learned in the law, cried, "Lay hold of him!" -- and read from the book of justice.

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