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Volume 5973

Without fear Tarzan awaited the trial for the murder of the high priest's men, for he believed his innocence was his shield. But Haithoreb, the wicked high priest, said to the temple judges in secret conclave: "Tarzan must be destroyed!"

Then Haithoreb conducted his court of priests solemnly to their dais in the Hall of Judgment, where nobles and princes and great ones of the realm were gathered in awe to witness the drama of the Ape-man's trial. Tutamken, the pharaoh, sat on a lower throne, for within these walls the high priest was supreme. All was in readiness. The great gong of the temple boomed, and Tarzan was led forth to judgment. Still the Ape-man knew no fear when the scribe pronounced the charge that he had slain three retainers of the high priest.

Tarzan answered boldly: "They sought my life and my faithful elephants slew them."

Then the high priest declared: "The tongues of men can bear false witness. You shall be judged by Maat, Goddess of Justice."

So Haithoreb commanded that the two sacred caskets of Maat be brought to him, and said, "In each I shall place a token -- one inscribed with the symbol of innocence, and one with the sign of guilt. The invisible hand of the goddess shall guide you to a rightful choice." Then Haithoreb smiled craftily, for both tokens were marked with the symbol of guilt!

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