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Volume 5972


As the high priest's spies crept forward to slay Tarzan and his companions, Tantor the elephant swayed nervously and snapped a twig. Tarzan sprang up in alarm. A cry of dismay escaped his lips at this unforeseen assault. Tantor knew now his friend was in peril. He plunged forward and seized an attacker in his trunk. The other elephants followed his example. Before Tarzan could stay them, the avenging elephants hurled the traitors to their doom!

At dawn Tarzan and the two soldiers of the pharaoh resumed their journey to the Egyptian city, where the caravan was received with rejoicing by the pharaoh Tutamken for Tarzan had saved the kingdom by recovering the stolen treasure. Tutamken dispatched a messenger then to order the release of Hotep and his mother, for Tarzan had paid the price of their freedom.

Then wrathful Haithoreb, the high priest, hastened to the palace for he was an enemy of the pharaoh, and feared Tarzan as Tutamken's ally. Boldly he demanded of the Ape-man: "What have you done with the men I sent to aid you?" "A just fate befell them," Tarzan answered, and related the strange manner of their death.

"You slew them!" Haithoreb charged. "And it is written that he who is accused of bringing harm to my servants shall stand trial before the court of priests!" Vengeance blazed in the high priest's eyes. For already he pictured the verdict of the court that he controlled, and the tortures that would attend the doom of Tarzan!

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